If you missed yesterday’s “$100K Cash Game Part I” there is no need to fret. Part II arrives today into THE VAULT on PokerGO and features more of the game’s top guns squaring off in a $200/$400 game.

Poker After Dark raises the stakes and the volume with Mike Matusow and Jean-Robert Bellande back in action.

The same crew returns and there is a surprise guest who jumps in midway through. Yes, Phil Hellmuth somehow finds a seat after the departure of Michael Mizrachi. Was Hellmuth waiting in the green room for a seat to open or just at the Bellagio buffet when he got the call? The world may never know but regardless of how he ended up there, Hellmuth jumps in and gets busy immediately.

Hellmuth’s rivals in this game grow as he takes aim at Peter Jetten in the same way he once took aim at Tom Dwan. Instead of adjusting to the game of the online brain trust, Hellmuth instead brushes steadfastly against the change. His years of success justify the thought process but Jetten has a few maneuvers in mind to throw Hellmuth for a loop.

Brandon Adams bridges the gap between Hellmuth and Jetten with his live game that was refined online during hundreds of thousands of hands. Adams is a renaissance man in many ways as shown in an episode of the Super High Roller Club. There are a few volleys to Adams’ game but he’s also capable of hitting swift forehands down the line.

Chris Ferguson rounds out the lineup and in his typical passive-aggressive fashion, puts Hellmuth and Matusow on notice. This time, ‘Jesus’ has wine turn into water.

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For live Poker After Dark action, tune in on Wednesday, March 14 at 6:00 pm ET for the first night of “Moving Violations” week. The $50/$100 game stars Don Cheadle and Jennifer Tilly.

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