Poker After Dark is the home to many “Dream Tables” with the format being used in Seasons 3,4, and 5. The final variation of the table dimension comes in Season 7 with the “20K Wish List.” Amateur Mike Dappen has his pick of five poker pros to play with and they are assembled in THE VAULT.

PokerGO brings this episode to viewers for the first time. Dappen’s table has never seen the light of day until now and Mike Matusow in rare form is the main attraction for the Sit-n-Go.

Dappen’s background is in chemistry and he finds the most radioactive element of all in ‘The Mouth.’

The table dynamic burns high with Phil Hellmuth and Chris Ferguson on Matusow’s direct left. Hellmuth and Matusow’s friendship is well known leaving Matusow to blow through any social stop signs. The beef between ‘Jesus’ and the impish Matusow extends back for seasons on Poker After Dark.

Matusow rekindled his rivalry with Hellmuth last December during the “Holidays with Hellmuth.”

Ferguson decision to not participate in the seven-deuce cash game on previous occasions irked Matusow and he makes that distaste well known.

The final two players on Dappen’s list are Erica Schoenberg and Jennifer Harman. Schoenberg appears for the fourth and final time on Poker After Dark and leaves a lasting impression thanks to a few well-timed barbs directed at the kooks on her right.

Harman is one of a select few who participated in every season of Poker After Dark and fans await her return to the new rendition of the show.

Words and chips are thrown around the ARIA table in what is on the short list for all-time Poker After Dark episodes. The wait for this one to air is well worth it.

Check it out for yourself by subscribing to PokerGO today. Only a few episodes are left to be revealed before Season 7 comes to a close and brings the first edition of Poker After Dark with it.

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