Welcome to the 21st century, where anything and everything that happens is instantly turned into a meme! Only a few hours after La La Land was incorrectly announced as the Best Picture winner at the 89th Academy Awards, the internet had already dropped their hot takes on a potential, gasp, conspiracy theories and then righted every wrong decision that was made over the last year through a handful of hilarious memes. 

“Yo Adele, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best albums of all-time…one of the best albums of all-time!”

Where was Kanye West when he really needed him? Where was Kanye West when Beyonce and Hov really needed him? Kanye wasn’t there to keep Adele from accepting the Grammy for Album of the Year but luckily, last night Beyonce’s Lemonade finally got the credit it was due.

I want to make a deal with the Hollywood powers that be. Space Jam will win Best Picture every year, until Space Jam 2 is released. Enough rumors, enough “potential cast” lists, enough waiting! The people want Space Jam 2 and Hollywood will give the people what they want or say goodbye to their little awards show.

As a football fan, I’m all for anything that has begs the question “What is a catch?” I still don’t know why Dez Bryant’s catch during the 2015 playoffs was ruled not a catch but maybe the officials were given the wrong envelope in the replay booth.

Too soon.