For the first time during the 2023 Poker Masters, the chip leader to start a streamed final table emerged victorious as Orpen Kisacikoglu took down Event #6: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em for $218,500.

It was smooth sailing throughout for Kisacikoglu, as he sat back and watched the rest of the table take care of the first few eliminations. Despite losing the chip lead briefly, Kisacikoglu seized control four-handed when he won a race to eliminate Chino Rheem. With that, Kisacikoglu had about 60% of the chips in play and it only went up from there. He took most of Justin Bonomo's stack a little while later with a rivered ace-high flush that Bonomo paid off and finished him shortly thereafter.

Beginning with more than a 14-to-1 chip lead against Jack Hardcastle heads-up, the chips went in on the first hand. Kisacikoglu was behind but paired on the turn to clinch the victory.

2023 Poker Masters Event #6 Results

Place Player Country Prize
1st Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey $218,500
2nd Jack Hardcastle United Kingdom $152,000
3rd Justin Bonomo United States $114,000
4th Chino Rheem United States $95,000
5th Samuel Laskowitz United States $76,000
6th Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom $57,000
7th Ryan Riess United States $47,500
8th Justin Zaki United States $38,000
9th Dylan Linde United States $38,000
10th Adam Weinraub United States $28,500
11th Chris Brewer United States $28,500
12th Daniel Negreanu Canada $19,000
13th David Coleman United States $19,000
14th Ariel Mantel Argentina $19,000

Ryan Riess came into the streamed final table as the short stack and picked up pocket sevens, but his pair failed to hold against the ace-ten suited of Samuel Laskowitz, ending Riess' day in seventh place.

Stephen Chidwick's final stand came with ace-nine and he ran into Bonomo's ace-king. No help came for Chidwick and he was out in sixth place.

Despite scoring the early elimination of Riess, Laskowitz was the next to go. He was slightly ahead with ace-seven suited against Rheem's king-nine, but two kings found the board and Laskowitz was out in fifth place.

Kisacikoglu and Rheem were basically tied for the chip lead when Rheem ran pocket jacks into Hardcastle's pocket aces. Both finished with sets, but it wasn't enough for Rheem. The following hand, Rheem got it in with pocket sixes against Kisacikoglu's ace-ten. A ten fell on the flop, Rheem couldn't catch up, and he finished in fourth place. With that fourth-place finish, Rheem moved into second place on the 2023 Poker Masters leaderboard.

Bonomo bowed out in third place a little while later. After running into the nut flush of Kisacikoglu, Bonomo called all in for his last three big blinds with five-four suited against Kisacikoglu's ace-eight. Nothing helpful materialized for Bonomo, setting the stage for heads-up play where Kisacikoglu had a 14-to-1 chip lead over Hardcastle.

The ensuing heads-up match lasted just one hand. Hardcastle committed his short stack of six blinds with queen-jack and Kisacikoglu looked to end things quickly with ten-six. Kisacikoglu flopped a straight draw, turned a pair, and held up through the river to take down Event #6.

2023 Poker Masters Leaderboard Top 10

Place Player Wins Cashes Winnings Points
1st Vladas Tamasauskas 2 3 $506,400 506
2nd Chino Rheem 1 2 $313,400 313
3rd Ren Lin 0 3 $298,800 299
4th Andrew Lichtenberger 1 3 $265,700 266
5th Darren Elias 1 2 $259,500 259
6th Orpen Kisacikoglu 1 1 $218,500 219
7th Brock Wilson 0 3 $194,600 194
8th Aram Zobian 0 1 $171,000 171
9th Eric Baldwin 0 1 $155,200 155
10th Jonathan Little 0 1 $154,700 155

The 2023 Poker Masters series continues through September 26. The series consists of 10 high-stakes poker tournaments, culminating in the $50,000 NL Hold'em finale. The player to accumulate the most PGT leaderboard points during the series will be crowned Poker Masters champion, winning the Purple Jacket and $50,000 championship bonus. For full schedule details, visit pgt.com/schedule.

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