Nick Schulman's first cash of the 2023 Poker Masters was the biggest payout of the series thus far, as he bested a field of 44 entries to win Event #7 for $374,000.

Schulman came into the final table fourth in chips, but chipped up nicely with back-to-back eliminations of Victoria Livschitz and Chris Brewer in fifth and fouth place, respectively. The short-stacked Livschitz committed her seven big blinds with ace-four suited and Schulman found pocket nines in the big blind. The pair held and Schulman was on his way. A little while later, Brewer called all in for 14 big blinds with ace-queen and was leading Schulman's nine-eight suited. Schulman paired on the turn and Brewer couldn't catch up.

After Brian Rast was eliminated in third place, Schulman began heads-play against Nick Petrangelo slightly trailing in chips. The two decided to double the blinds, resulting in a quick match. Schulman took the lead on the first hand before ultimately closing it out. Both picked up an ace, Schulman raised all in with his chip-leading stack holding ace-jack, and Petrangelo called all in for 11 big blinds with ace-four. Schulman improved to trip jacks to secure the victory.

2023 Poker Masters Event #7 Results

Place Player Country Prize
1st Nick Schulman United States $374,000
2nd Nick Petrangelo United States $242,000
3rd Brian Rast United States $165,000
4th Chris Brewer United States $121,000
5th Victoria Livschitz United States $88,000
6th Justin Saliba United States $66,000
7th Ren Lin China $44,000

Justin Saliba was the first to depart the streamed final table. Saliba ran ace-jack into chip leader Nick Petrangelo's ace-queen on an ace-high board and was left with one big blind. He fell shortly thereafter in sixth place.

Victoria Livschitz fell next when she got her seven-big-blind stack in with ace-four suited against Schulman who woke up with pocket nines in the big blind. No help came for Livschitz and she was out in fifth place.

Chris Brewer was eliminated in fourth place, getting 14 big blinds in with ace-queen against Schulman's nine-eight suited. An eight came on the turn and it was enough to send Brewer out in fourth place.

Brian Rast hovered around his starting stack for much of the final table before ultimately making a stand with ace-deuce. Petrangelo, however, picked up pocket sixes and held up to eliminate Rast in third place.

Heads-up play was brief as Schulman and Petrangelo agreed to skip a few levels and play with higher blinds. Schulman trailed at the start, but took the lead on the first hand. It ended a few hands later when Schulman raised all in with his chip-leading stack holding ace-jack. Petrangelo called for 11 big blinds with ace-four. Two more jacks came on the runout and Schulman locked up the victory.

2023 Poker Masters Leaderboard Top 10

Place Player Wins Cashes Winnings Points
1st Vladas Tamasauskas 2 3 $506,400 506
2nd Ren Lin 0 4 $342,800 325
3rd Chino Rheem 1 2 $313,400 313
4th Andrew Lichtenberger 1 3 $265,700 266
5th Darren Elias 1 2 $259,500 259
6th Nick Schulman 1 1 $374,000 224
7th Orpen Kisacikoglu 1 1 $218,500 219
8th Brock Wilson 0 3 $194,600 194
9th Chris Brewer 0 3 $240,500 193
10th Aram Zobian 0 1 $171,000 171

The 2023 Poker Masters series continues through September 26. The series consists of 10 high-stakes poker tournaments, culminating in the $50,000 NL Hold'em finale. The player to accumulate the most PGT leaderboard points during the series will be crowned Poker Masters champion, winning the Purple Jacket and $50,000 championship bonus. For full schedule details, visit pgt.com/schedule.

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