The Day 1 action of Super High Roller Bowl V was filled with thrilling moments of which Daniel Negreanu played an integral part as he made one of the best laydowns of his poker career. Along with endless chatter and jokes, Negreanu threw off his opponents and ended the night with 623,000 chips, behind only Ali Imsirovic (661,000) and Rick Salomon (806,000). For full Day 1 chip counts click here.

After play ended, Negreanu said the following on how it felt to get back to his old talkative ways after a finishing second in the Super High Roller Bowl earlier this year during which he was largely quiet.

“Things worked way better than I could’ve possibly expected,” Negreanu said with a big smile.

“I think I put people in a lot of uncomfortable spots by talking to them while they’re trying to think and figure out what to do. They were trying to read the information that I was giving them, but what I was giving them was all very conflicting.”

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Negreanu went on to say that he’s seen plays against him today that he hasn’t seen in a long time, and how he’s been having a blast at the tables. Aside from talking to the players to disguise the strengths and weaknesses of his hand, Negreanu also talked himself into one of the most impressive laydowns of recent memory. Watch the whole hand in the video below and hear what Negreanu had to say.

“Players aren’t used to this kind of style anymore. I know I’m giving away too much information, but it’s confusing and nobody is out there making soul reads. I’ll continue to do this until I feel as though I need to take an adjustment.”

The style Negreanu played today contradicted his approach during the Super High Roller Bowl in which he finished second to Justin Bonomo, as his focus back then seemed to be largely on GTO optimal decisions. The Canadian Poker Hall of Fame member, however, thinks that the talking doesn’t take away from his decision making.

“When I’m talking in a hand, I still know what’s going on. I also get more reactions from people, because they can’t help but hear what you’re saying. There’s always some kind of reaction and that really helps me. I’ve played like this for 20 years and adapted to the new styles over the years, and I won’t say that I’m intimidating any of the players here by talking, but they might be put off by it a little.”

Towards the end of the night Negreanu played another big pot and this time Dan Smith was his opponent. Negreanu made quads against Smith’s full house and you can read that entire hand right here.

Looking forward at what’s to come, Negreanu realizes that this style will cost him a lot of extra energy, but that having fun with it is also worth something to him. According to Negreanu, the players he’s up against will most likely adjust their strategies based on what they’ve seen, but he’s ready for anything as he’s got his eyes set on another deep run in this event.

“I have to be mindful of players adjusting to me, but that’s no problem because I’ll keep switching it up.”

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Daniel Negreanu, Super High Roller Bowl V