Friday morning. It’s been a long week but you are almost there. Just a few more calls, one more meeting and then the weekend and freedom awaits. We know you need a little extra boost to get you through the final day of the workweek and luckily, Poker Central and Death Wish Coffee have you covered. The world’s strongest coffee gives you a “Morning Perk,” bringing you the best of the internet from the past week.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

The internet wasn’t around when Ferris Bueller gave everyone the perfect high school yearbook quote but his words are just as powerful today as they were in the late 80’s. The internet, more often than not, moves faster than life itself and while we’re sure we missed some of it, these were our favorites from the past week.


Melo and Phil have some things to talk about.

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The only thing we like more than the NBA, NBA players using poker puns! It has been a tumultuous season for the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson, one that likely be the last for Anthony in New York. Earlier this week, ‘Melo said, “The chips will be on the table.” to describe his upcoming meeting with Knick’s president. I would imagine that both will also be laying their cards on the table and I promise that is the last bad pun throughout this “Morning Perk.”


One of just 2,333 bottles created. #BlancDeNoirs Assemblage 2 #Chamagne #ArmandDeBrignac

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We go from a New York organization with 99 problems to a New Yorker with no problems what so ever. Rapper and mogul Jay Z’s champagne company Armand de Brignac announced earlier this week that it would be releasing a new edition of the company’s iconic champagne later this month. The Ace of Spades bottle is the champagne choice of all High Rollers and since only 2,333 A2 bottles will be produced, the newest edition will retail for $850.

Champagne prices aren’t the only thing going through the roof this week, as Aaron Gordon seems to jump through the roof of various arenas on a pretty regular basis. The Orlando Magic high-flyer did so again in a game versus the Brooklyn Nets, leaving his shoe on planet earth as he skied for a transition dunk. Big dunks are common place in the NBA but jumping with so much force that you jump out of your shoes, that’s special and Gordon’s laugh after the play showed that even he got a kick out of it.

While our television pleasures usually involve Game of Thrones, random movies and other nonsense, we sometimes enjoy documentaries. Those documentaries usually focus around crime, murders and investigations and this weekend, one of the most talked about murder trials of our generation is hitting network television. Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery will run a three-part series on Investigation Discovery, starting on Sunday night. It will be hard to beat The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, which captivated audiences on FX but if it comes close, this latest Casey Anthony documentary could be must-watch television.

Ever since Jon Stewart left The Daily Show, I haven’t watched The Daily Show. That is, ready yourself for a mild take, because I don’t find Trevor Noah funny. Every so often though, The Daily Show still produces some short skits that are funny though and this week, Sean Spicer edited to look like he’s addressing a kindergarten class was. We usually don’t entertain politics but when it is harmless and funny like this, we make an exception.

“Morning Perk” Bonus Fav: Olivia Munn is back on the market, I repeat, Olivia Munn is back on the market.

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