Friday morning. It’s been a long week but you are almost there. Just a few more calls, one more meeting and then the weekend and freedom awaits. We know you need a little extra boost to get you through the final day of the work week and luckily, Poker Central and Death Wish Coffee have you covered. The world’s strongest coffee gives you a “Morning Perk,” bringin you the best of the internet from the past week.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

The internet wasn’t around when Ferris Bueller gave everyone the perfect high school yearbook quote but his words are just as powerful today as they were in the late 80’s. The internet, more often than not, moves faster than life itself and while we’re sure we missed some of it, these were our favorites from the past week.

The only thing better than a double rainbow is a double bicycle kick goal! We don’t have much information on the goal scorers, other than that they play for a South American team called Botafogo, I’m sure their nickname is the Demon Deacons, and that the announcers were thoroughly impressed. To not leave “Morning Perk” readers hanging, I did some digging of my own and Botafogo ended up winning their Copa Libertadores match 2-1 thanks to this double bicycle. Go Demon Deacons.

I like college basketball just as much as the next person who truly hasn’t moved on from their lackluster collegiate sports career but after Selection Sunday told me who was where in the NCAA Tournament bracket, I moved on to bigger and better Sunday night things. ESPN and ESPN 2 on the other hand featured wall-to-wall tournament coverage and for some reason, ESPN commentators played March Madness-themed Pictionary and former Duke point guard Jay Williams drew, uhhhhh, this.

Professional athletes, both past and present, have been saying some silly things lately. Kyrie Irving claimed the Earth was flat, wrong, Arian Foster claimed he could beat a wolf in a fight, also wrong, and Michael Jordan claimed that the “ceiling is the roof.” Not totally wrong. Don’t worry guys, LaVar Ball, not a professional athlete but father to someone that should be within a few months, has you all beat and then some! Lavar has said that he could beat Jordan in a game of one-on-one and then demanded a billion-dollar shoe deal for his family. He also won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

On a serious note to end almost this week’s “Morning Perk,” an estimated $10.4 billion is expected to be wagered on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament over the next three weeks. More people will fill out brackets than voted for a president a few months ago. Ignoring that fact and that only around $295 million of that gambling total will be bet legally, in Nevada sports books, that is still a lot of money. While the NCAA doesn’t get a cut of gambling monies, they did rake in nearly $1 billion in revenue from media rights fees, ticket sales, sponsorships and television ads in 2016. That number can’t be ignored. As someone that jokes that “college sports are the backbone to the American education system” and truly believes that these players, many of which are getting terrific educations while also competing at the highest level of amateur athletics, aren’t getting extorted in any way, would anyone really *lose* if some of that money ended up with the players?

Russell Westbrook is not human. Enjoy your weekend everyone. 

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