Tonight’s “Talk the Talk” premiere brought out all the action and words with seven garrulous players fighting in a $20,000 minimum buy-in $25/$50 game on PokerGOPoker After Dark hit a new peak tonight in terms of decibels and audacious plays with Mickey Craft leading the way.

The fun-loving Craft stood tall against a tough lineup to book the largest win of the night. Sitting to the right of Craft was Antonio Esfandiari, who made his second appearance Poker After Dark appearance in 2018. There were a few “Prestige” moments for Esfandiari, who opened his night by running a large bluff against his neighbor.

Right behind Craft on the leaderboard was Danielle Andersen. The star of “Moon Magic” week didn’t back down from any challenges tonight and doubled through Esfandiari to send her stack skyrocketing.

The callback to “The Prestige” continued with the favorite card protector of Bill Perkins returning. This time, it was Randall Emmett utilizing the fish as he got into a war of words and chips against Esfandiari. This battle was the first between the two in the latter stages of the night.

Esfandiari had the goods that time against Emmett and started his ascent toward getting unstuck on the night. ‘Hollywood’ and ‘The Magician’ danced around each other until they went to war in the game’s largest pot. One of the tensest Poker After Dark moments took place as Emmett faced down his important decision.

“Talk the Talk” returns tomorrow to PokerGO at 6:00 pm ET with new rivalries ready to have the next chapter added. Poker After Dark newcomer Maurice Hawkins looked Esfandiari dead in the eye on a few occasions and will bring his #HawksView back on Thursday. Stay tuned for what happens next between poker’s biggest personalities.

Jared Jaffee and Mike Dentale both booked losses and will look to recoup them tomorrow night. Emmett’s time is up for the week and Justin Young takes his seat on Thursday.

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Antonio Esfandiari, Danielle Andersen, Jared Jaffee, Randall Emmett, Maurice Hawkins, Mike Dentale, Mickey Craft