The 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event started with coolers and bad beats on the feature table to take up the early action. Episode 5 picks up with the money bubble popped and the race to pick up $8.1 million turning into a sprint. Big names fall on the Main Event fury road leading to new players ready to get their come up in the spotlight. The action is all on PokerGO with one of the most legendary characters in WSOP history earning every second of his 15 minutes.

Mickey Craft is the embodiment of the Main Event dream. Playing any two cards, drinking the day away, and earning thousands by the hour, Craft’s ride is a blast to be a part of. The chip leader for most of Day 4 and Day 5 plays more than his share of crazy hands and puts his opponents to the test on numerous occasions. His elimination hand could not be more emblematic of his Main Event run as the seven-deuce leads to his demise.

Watch more of Craft on Poker After Dark in “Talk the Talk” week available on PokerGO.

There are still a few heroes left in the later stages of the Main Event headlined by Charlie Carrel. The young British pro awaits his first bracelet and almost turns the Main Event into the signature win. Carrel puts on a feature table show and leads the elite pro crowd that includes Connor Drinan, Dario Sammartino, and Ben Lamb.

Speaking of Lamb, the 2011 November Niner introduces the world to Scott Blumstein. The 25-year-old from New Jersey gets a dramatic lead-in on Day 5 when he runs a bluff in a massive pot on Lamb that launches him up the leaderboard and into legitimate contention.

The hand includes an epic one-liner from Lamb and puts wind in the sails of Blumstein’s run toward the 2017 title.

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