Facts and figures. They make the world go around and, more often than not, tell a story without letting opinions or biases get in the way. Which numbers from today’s $111,111 High Roller for One Drop, exclusively streaming on PokerGO, tell that story and what quick opinions do we have?

20 – The $111,111 High Roller for One Drop won’t play into the money until Day 3 but early tomorrow, the final 20 players will turn a profit on their initial buy-ins. 130 entries built up a $13,722,150 prize pool and while the min-cash won’t double their buy-in, no one will be complaining about opening the World Series of Poker with a $166,666 min-cash.

$3,686,865 – On the other end of the spectrum, nearly $3.7 million awaits the eventual champion. That victor won’t be crowned until Monday but the action at and leading up to that final table will be streamed exclusively on PokerGO, meaning you won’t miss any of the action.

4,110,000 – At the time of publishing, the player in poll position for that $3.7 million prize is Antonio Esfandiari. The inaugural One Drop champion is pacing the final four tables with 4,110,000 chips and while reigning GPI Player of the Year David Peters and Doug Polk are close on his tails, Esfandiari is one of the only players on the planet with experience in this type of WSOP event.

7 – The World Series of Poker is an international affair and the High Roller for One Drop is as well. There are seven different countries represented on the leaderboard, including Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Austria and the United States.

24 – Day 2 of the High Roller for One Drop is set to play down to the final 24 players but that doesn’t mean that the action is stopping any time soon. Play will halt for the night when two dozen remain and play resumes tomorrow at 2 PM PT, with the PokerGO stream going live at 2:30 PM PT