The newest episode of Major Wager, hosted by Joey Ingram and found only on PokerGO, gathered Antonio Esfandiari, Brian Rast and Jeff Gross in a contest to see who could raise the most money on Fremont Street with only their wits, talents and a $75 costume. The new reality show pits poker players against each other in performance-based prop bets where dignity and pride are on the line.


After an “only-dudes-would-go-there” opening, Ingram picks up with the players at Star Costume & Theatrical Supply where they only had 15 minutes to put together their ensemble for a night on the streets of Las Vegas.

Ingram thought Esfandiari was the favorite with his background in magic. But Rast proved he might be a dark horse pick when he got weird right out of the gate. Each player had ten minutes to make as much money as possible on Fremont with the loser subject to embarrassment on the spot.

Esfandiari went with his strength and performed a card trick for a crowd three-deep, in which the only thing missing was sad trombone music, Gross turned it up to 11 dancing his way into the hearts of passers-by and Rast attempted to raise money for the “Intergalactic Peace Fund” with surprising results.

Be sure to watch the full episode to see who came out on top and how bad punishment was only on PokerGO. New episodes of Major Wager debut each day of the week through Friday, September 8.

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