Lauren Roberts is accustomed to holding her own in a male dominated world – whether that be poker or finance. Roberts is not a person that shakes easily and she’s one of the few women playing the highest stakes available and she’s part of the new Poker After Dark lineup that premiers Monday night exclusively on PokerGO with a $100,000 cash game.

The buzz from fans regarding the return of the show was overwhelming from fans and players are just as excited. “I’m a fan of PAD and my husband loves to watch them as well,” Roberts said. “It’s quite an honor to be playing on the show.”

“I enjoyed the theatrics which went on with various players and of course the wide ranges of player styles also,” said Roberts. “I think I can hold my own, I play with a few of these players fairly frequently and we have a bit of a friendly rivalry going.”

“The big personalities are a plus, it makes it that much more fun to play,” she added. “I’m pretty sure I won’t be the most entertaining, but I am glad that there is one woman at the table.”

Roberts was the only woman that played the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl and the $111,111 High Roller for One Drop early in the summer. “I tend to play more cash than tournaments, though I’d like that to change,” she said. “I think PAD will be similar to the games I play regularly, though there are a few players with whom I’ve never played cash before.”

Lauren Roberts is not a player that will be intimidated by the field. (Photo: Poker Central)
Monday night she’ll take a seat against Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Jean-Robert Bellande and Bill Klein – not to mention the return of Tom Dwan to US poker. “I just met Tom in Montenegro, he’s an extremely nice guy,” Roberts said. “I know his play from the old PAD’s and remember marveling about how difficult he might be to play.”

“I know he now plays the “short deck” game, which has been described to me by a friend who is quite the wild gambler as ‘PLO on crack,’” she added. “It should be a challenge for certain, though I do play with people who have similar styles. Needless to say, their ranges are extremely wide.”

Roberts played against Klein and Esfandiari during the SHR Bowl. Doyle Brunson and Andrew Robl join the game on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Roberts has a colorful history against Bellande.

Roberts keeps her mind sharp every day in the world finance. “I stay sharp by playing in the financial markets every day, which is how I make my living,” she said. “Poker is just a hobby about which I’m passionate.”

“I’m always trying to make my game better, that’s what I love about poker,” Roberts added. “I always feel as if there is so much more for me to learn.”