Poker After Dark is known for featuring big names and big personalities. Both were on display during Tuesday’s “Power Play” opener, where big pots, big laughs, and entertaining action was the norm. Daniel Negreanu headlined the lively $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em lineup, which also included Jean-Robert Bellande and Nick Schulman.

Negreanu faced off with his “Power Play” co-stars a handful of times, but none of those clashes were bigger than his early flip with Schulman. Two big hands collided and a classic tournament flip was up for grabs. Over $80,000 was in the middle and one player ended up taking it all after winning both run outs.

After the first break, Jean-Robert Bellande took his seat next to Negreanu. Neither are strangers to Poker After Dark and after arriving late, Bellande immediately got to work. Between big hands, Bellande dove into stories about blackjack with Kevin Hart and Drake and cash game hands from Bobby’s Room. The stories didn’t stop and neither did the action, which forced Bellande to take some more “lettuce” out of his backpack.

At the end of the night, there was plenty of lettuce on the table. What started as a $20,000 minimum buy-in game concluded with over $800,000 on the table. Relive the high stakes action on-demand on PokerGO before the “Power Play” finale begins Wednesday at 6 PM ET.

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