Every week, Five of a Kind recaps all the hottest poker action for you to enjoy and today we look back on the Kentucky Derby!

Hot Picks from Uncle Ron

There’s nothing left to be said about Uncle Ron, but sometimes we have to include our favorite comedic genius poker fan and player! Ron had some takes on the Kentucky Derby but we’re not sure he’s ever going to win a bet!

Hellmuth Sighting!

Phil Hellmuth loves the horses, as evident from the photo at the bottom of this article, and he was also at the 2014 Derby where he was spotted with Lena Evans.

Lynn’s Big Weekend!

If you follow the lovely Lynn Gilmartin on social media you know that she had an absolute blast with the WPT crew that also included Adam Pliska, David Gitter, and Tony Dunst!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The dramatic Kentucky Derby of this year saw a disqualification of the winning horse and that was much to the delight to Tony Dunst! Dunst had a small amount on the winner at short odds but it was his similar bet at long odds that came through after replay review!

Hellmuth’s Throwback Derby Win!

Back in 2011, poker was really hurting but Phil Hellmuth pulled out a massive win at the Kentucky Derby along with his sister Molly! These are the kinds of bets everyone dreams of making and winning and it’s no surprise that Hellmuth was on the right side of this one!

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