The finale of “Talk the Talk” week had a lot to live up to after last night’s rousing premiere. Jared Jaffee and Antonio Esfandiari made sure those expectations were met. The pair battled in the biggest pot of the night and Esfandiari knocked out a few players, creating a highlight factory on PokerGO.

The $50/$100 game with a $100 ante brought back the same crew of characters with one tweak. Justin Young took Randall Emmett’s seat and proceeded to crush the game to the tune of a win of over $84,000. Young collected quietly while Jaffee punched against Esfandiari.

Wednesday’s big winner Mickey Craft found himself in hot water. The entertaining business owner dug himself an early hole against Esfandiari, who made sure to give him a large shovel.

Last night’s fly to Esfandiari’s ointment returned with Maurice Hawkins back in the fold. Hawkins had held his ground the first time around but did not have the same result tonight. Esfandiari felted both Craft and Hawkins to bring their respective weeks on Poker After Dark to an end.

The Jaffee versus Esfandiari match proved to be the main storyline. Sitting on Jaffee’s direct left, Esfandiari put ‘The Tuna’ to the test one more than one occasion. The first time, Jaffee found it in himself to call and set his night on the winning track.

The two weren’t done yet. With the night coming close to an end, Esfandiari put Jaffee to the ultimate test. With a win all but booked and a $122,000 pot hanging in the balance, Jaffee made one of the best calls in recent Poker After Dark history.

The failed bluff plunged Esfandiari in the red where he was joined by Danielle Andersen. Mike Dentale led the table in needles and broke near even to wrap up his Poker After Dark debut.

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