It has taken many years but Jared Bleznick, formerly known by his online handle Harrington10, has taken down his first-career live tournament! Winning the $10,000 8-Game event at the 2019 Poker Masters, Bleznick outlasted the likes of Cary Katz, Nick Schulman, and Brandon Adams at the final table on his way to claim the $153,000 top prize.

“Poker is very tough right now and it feels good to get a win,” Bleznick said after closing it out. The long-time online pro who transitioned into becoming an established cash game player in the high stakes rooms across Las Vegas no longer plays the game for a living, picking and choosing his moments to play tournaments.

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2019 Poker Masters Event #4 Results
Name Payout Points
1 Jared Bleznick $153,000 300
2 Cary Katz $99,000 210
3 Nick Schulman $67,500 150
4 Mike Gorodinsky $45,000 120
5 Jake Abdalla $36,000 90
6 Brandon Adams $27,000 60
7 George Wolff $22,500 60

The action started with seven players vying for the 2019 Poker Masters 8-Game title lead by Bleznick who took a massive chip lead to the PokerGO streamed final table. Brittish Poker Open Pot Limit Omaha champ George Wolff was the first play to bust in 2-7 Triple Draw. Wolff was dealt a 9-6 low and pondered for a long time before standing pat and betting out into his two opponents, Nick Schulman and Brandon Adams. Wolff ended up all in after the second draw with Adams and Schulman both drawing and on the last draw, Schulman made the winning hand with an 8-5 to send Wolff to the rail.

Brandon Adams busted in sixth place on the next hand in 2-7 Triple Draw as he was down to fewer than two bets. Adams was drawing to a 9-8, made his hand but was drawing dead after the first draw when Nick Schulman made an 8-7. Jake Abdalla also busted in 2-7 Triple Draw moments later when he ran into Mike Gorodinskiy who made a 7-6 low after drawing three cards on the first draw.

Nick Schulman and Jared Bleznick battle it out at the final table.
Nick Schulman and Jared Bleznick battle it out at the final table of the 2019 Poker Masters $10,000 8-Game event.

Mike Gorodinsky was all in with nine-seven of clubs during No Limit Hold’em and he was called by Jared Bleznick who looked down on ace-nine in the big blind. The board brought no help and Bleznick extended his already large chip lead. Nick Schulman busted in third place during a hand of Stud 8 when he started with split kings but that was not enough as Bleznick made both a low and two pair to win the hand.

On the final hand of the tournament, Cary Katz was eliminated in Pot Limit Omaha holding an inferior two pair against Bleznick who took the win with aces and tens. The Poker Masters Championship standings are now as follows.

2019 Poker Masters Championship Standings
Name Points Earnings Results
1 Chance Kornuth 420 $288,900 2
2 Isaac Baron 300 $223,100 1
3 Ryan Laplante 300 $186,000 1
4 Jared Bleznick 300 $153,000 1
5 Jonathan Depa 300 $133,200 1
6 Alex Foxen 270 $108,200 2
7 Thai Ha 210 $124,800 2
8 Cary Katz 210 $99,000 1
9 Ralph Wong 150 $116,400 1
10 Sam Soverel 150 $99,800 2

Bleznick’s days as a poker professional are behind him and despite this win being his first one, he has no intentions to actively chase the Purple Jacket.

“I don’t really play much. I play no poker outside the World Series of Poker except for a few of these tournaments,” he said in reference to PokerGO Studio events.

“Honestly, I have no drive anymore to grind. This was an easy fast event, I like the people, and that’s the same for the World Series of Poker. You see some people and the events are soft but right now I’m more of a business person.”

On his reasons for playing less poker, Bleznick was very clear, “Poker is very tough right now. Everyone’s so great, there’s so much material learning material out there, and while I know that I could still play, I’d rather be more successful in the real world.”

“If I work hard in the real world, I’ll have results and I just don’t want to be grinding poker all the time. Today I ran great, everything went my way. It’s not like I did anything crazy, I played solid but everyone else played good too.”

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