Deep in the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event, David Diaz made what many will debate was the greatest fold ever made in the WSOP Main Event.


Jeffrey Farnes raised from the lo-jack seat to 2,300,000 with the blinds at 400,000-800,000 with an 800,000 big blind ante. He had pocket kings. Diaz made the call from the small blind with ace-queen off suit and the players saw a king-queen-two flop. On the flop, Diaz checked, Farnes bet 2,700,000, and Diaz made the call.


The turn paired the board with another queen, giving Farnes a full house and Diaz trip queens. Diaz led with a bet of 4,000,000. Farnes made the call.


The river was a deuce to pair the board again. Farnes' full house was best, but now Diaz had improved to a full house of his own. Diaz fired a bet of 7,000,000 with 11,800,000 behind. After some thought, Farnes moved all in, having Diaz slightly covered.


As the rest of the tournament players scattered to go on break, Diaz went deep into the tank. Diaz tanked for several minutes before Farnes called the clock. Shortly after Farnes asked for the clock, Diaz folded his hand.



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