The Super High Roller Bowl is almost here on PokerGO and with it comes the final episode of INSIDERS. The trio has put themselves through mental and physical toil to arrive at peak performance levels before the biggest event of the year. It’s almost go-time but not without one last training session.

Brandon Adams completes his journey inside a fancy Miami kitchen where he goes through his own version of “blowing off steam.” Adams wines and dines with Patrik Antonius and ends his time in South Beach on a high note. The carefully prepared food in the restaurant is emblematic of Adams’ own style of study. He’ll be hoping for similar clean runouts starting on May 27.

Seth Davies surrounds himself with top talent from all realms of life. His call with Richard Seymour set the tone early in the series and in Episode 6, Davies calls on a poker friend in Jason Koon.

Competitors in Super High Roller Bowl and friends off the felt, Koon offers Davies the final piece of wisdom Davies needs to play his best game. Much of the talk centers around the money aspect of the $300,000 buy-in and Koon knows exactly what to say to calm Davies.

The game board and the couch serve as learning centers for Daniel Negreanu in previous episodes and today, we get a look at him from an introspective point of view. Negreanu’s mind is always an asset to him and he explains how he has been able to keep up with the game it changes around him. Can Negreanu find a way to emerge against the wizards and solvers who have dominated the high roller game? He’s confident that he will.

The Super High Roller Bowl comes to PokerGO at 6:00 pm ET on May 27 and subscribe today to catch every hand. The latest addition to the field is Phil Ivey, who brings an extra level of prestige with him to the ARIA.

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