The next level of preparation for Super High Roller Bowl is here on PokerGO with the third episode of INSIDERS. Episode 1 introduced Daniel Negreanu, Seth Davies, and Brandon Adams as they opened their journey toward the prestigious $300,000 event on May 27. The second episode went in deeper to see how the players are working themselves into shape mentally and physically.

Episode 3 goes one step higher and Davies bounces into the boxing ring to see where his mental stamina stands against continued pressure. Davies pushes himself to his physical limit and learns how to rebound off the canvas when knocked down. The PokerGO Studio felt presents a new challenge and Davies does all he can to exhaust any form of fatigue from his body before the biggest tournament of his life.

Viewers are taken inside a meal with Negreanu and get a look at his personal life. Negreanu is the most public figure in poker but manages to keep the seal kept on his privacy other than what he decides to show on social media. We meet Negreanu’s girlfriend, Marissa, who provides balance for Negreanu off the felt. Negreanu’s brother, Mike, joins them and we learn more about the relationship Negreanu holds with his closest allies.

Adams takes an alternative approach to the simulations run by Davies, who opts for a computer screen. Miami Beach and the pool is the setting for a game of “Blind Man’s Bluff” with top pros trying to get one over on friends. Joining Adams for this training is Patrik Antonius. The Super High Roller Bowl China runner-up is in Adams’ camp all the way and is full of insightful knowledge to get Adams in the zone for Las Vegas.

Both Adams and Negreanu opted for cash games as part of their process when they played in “Open House” week on Poker After Dark. All episodes from the $100/$200 game are available on PokerGO.

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