The trend of exciting lineups and themed episodes continue on Season 5 of Poker After Dark with the first edition of the “Hellmuth Bash Cash Game” featuring none other than the ‘Poker Brat’ himself in the middle.

Phil Hellmuth and a talented group of players looking to needle and felt the episode’s namesake are the latest addition to THE VAULT on PokerGo.

Featured in the lineup are two of the best talkers ever featured on poker television with PhilLaak and Antonio Esfandiari seated on the thorny right-hand side of Hellmuth.

If you think you’ve seen Hellmuth get tilted before, this episode brings a whole new element to the game that sees everyone buy-in for at least $100,000.

Also in the game is Tom Dwan, sitting at the peak of his powers during his climb to the top of the high stakes mountain, and he spices things up by putting down $250,000 and encouraging straddles and re-straddles in this $200/$400 cash game.

Dwan is not one to make large attempts at conversation but his game screams as he relentlessly put opponents in a tough spot. No one is safe from a Dwan river overbet.

If there’s one thing Phil Hellmuth hates, it’s “some young internet kid” playing hyper-aggressive against him and that is what Dwan does. Watching Dwan make Hellmuth question his very existence with when put to the test is worth the price of admission.

Despite his consistent braggadocio, there is a soft spot to Hellmuth and how competitive he is that is endearing to audiences. Rather than sit back and be poked for the full session, Hellmuth is full of fire which he kindly directs toward Esfandiari and Laak.

Another player joining in on the fun is California cash game professional Kenny Tran, who is never shy for words himself. The final member of the show is businessman Bob Safai, who gets treated to a special edition of the Dwan buzzsaw. Tran’s poker acumen was recently discussed on “Heads Up with Remko” as Brandon Adams called the long-time pro “The most talented poker player in the world.” Listen to the entire podcast here

Hellmuth is the episode’s namesake but it is Dwan who steals the show. There is a reason why his return to Poker After Dark in August was so highly anticipated and performances like this are why.

By this point in the history of Poker After Dark, Dwan and Hellmuth have squared off on multiple occasions and leave nothing to the imagination as they battle in large pot after large pot.

Watch the next chapter in one of poker’s best one-on-one rivalries as “Hellmuth Bash CashGame I” is now available in The VAULT on PokerGO.