The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are the best tropes to use when describing the two extremes of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Daniel Negreanu experienced a gut punch in 2015 with 11 players left in his bid to make the final table. Two years later, Bryan Piccioli was on the ropes with the same number of players remaining. Instead of ending up on the canvas like Negreanu, Piccioli scored a place with history with an iconic Main Event moment in this episode of Hand Histories on PokerGO.

2016 brought Piccioli nothing but despair. The chip leader at the start of Day 5, Piccioli flamed out before the start of Day 6 and missed what was then his best chance at making the Main Event final table. A year later, Piccioli was in Day 7 and closing in on his first seven-figure payday.

More than the money or glory, Piccioli played for his family. Stricken to a wheelchair due to a debilitating fall, Piccioli’s dad watched from home in Western New York and witnessed the most dramatic moment in his son’s life play out for the world to see.

Piccioli gives a detailed play-by-play of all the elements that led up to him going all-in with pocket eights with Antoine Saout the one to put him at risk.

It was luck for Saout to call him. It was luck for Piccioli to have the better hand. It was luck for Saout to out-flop him. The two-outer on the river? You get the idea.

All of the elements of luck lead to a one-of-a-kind World Series of Poker moment. A moment that is the legacy of Bryan Piccioli. There is no question what the thrill of victory looks like once Piccioli finishes his celebration.

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