One bracelet, 45th in the Main Event and five total cashes at the 2017 World Series of Poker totaling $477,056, that was the summer of British pro Max Silver. Silver became the 35th ever player from the United Kingdom to take home a gold WSOP bracelet, but ultimately the aftertaste of this year’s WSOP might be one of disappointment, having fallen short of Day 7 of the Main Event for the second straight year.

“I was hoping I would chip up early and have a smooth route to Day 7, but that didn’t really happen,” Silver shrugged. 

“I got moved tables and lost every single hand at the new table and ran a big bluff that didn’t work. That was fine though, he made the call with a hand he’s supposed to call with. I’m not too upset about, and then I got ace-queen against ace-king on an ace-high board, which was unfortunate.”

Silver finished 33rd in the 2016 Main Event, followed up by the 45th finish this year, making this one of the most impressive back-to-back Main Event runs by any player. 

“It’s just fun, and there’s no other tournament like it. When you get so close, the money is so big, you have these hopes and dreams of the big bucks. For sure, I’ve been getting really lucky to get here the last two years, and there’s no guarantee that I can do it again next year, but I’m definitely going to try.”

Silver’s life is going to change significantly in the next couple of months, as his wife is expecting their first child in October. After a summer filled with lots of high stakes poker tournament, he’s now going to shift his focus to a new life as a father.

“I’m full on going to ‘get ready for baby mode’. Getting the rooms ready, buying stuff we need, and since I’ve only been doing poker for the last month or so, that’s going to be nice to reset the mind and focus on the baby girl.”

In summary, Silver looks back on his most successful summer in Las Vegas, in high spirits despite falling short of making Day 7 of the Main Event. 

“This is my best summer yet, I won a bracelet so what more can I ask for? I always have a lot of fun coming to Las Vegas and hanging out with a bunch of friends. I don’t really see what I could’ve done differently, and it’s just annoying to get this close again but I know there’s always next year. It was a great ride and I can’t really complain, and I obviously ran really good to get to this point. I’m just happy and glad that I had this ride again.”