Classic Poker After Dark episodes make their return to PokerGO this week with another worldwide premiere of a never before seen episode. The second half of the $100,000 cash game lives up to the billing with the second-half of the game’s clash of generations now available inside THE VAULT.

Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari sit down inside the ARIA set to play in the $200/$400 game with a unique group around them. Both Hellmuth and Esfandiari are familiar with the Poker After Dark stage with Esfandiari recently appearing in “Moving Violations” week.

Hellmuth participated in “Whine and Cheese” week as one of the title members.

The real star of this game is Justin “Boosted J” Smith, who made his second and final Poker After Dark showing in this game. Smith is well traveled in the online streets and is in the process of making a live name for himself when the game opens. A name is more than what Smith accomplishes as he drives all players in the game batty with his unconventional methods.

Annette Obrestad is the primary target of Smith and she finds out the hard way that his level aggression occasionally equals him having a hand.

Giving his usual dry-witted musings is former Main Event Champion Huck Seed. A forgotten hero of the poker boom, Seed’s prop bet ideas are as brilliant as they are far out, man.

Rounding out the game is Andy Bloch. The signature cowboy hat of Bloch remains and as a famous poker commentator might say, Bloch is the only poker player to graduate from Harvard and wear that hat.

There are a few Poker After Dark premieres soon to become available in THE VAULT with all of their treasures unleashed on viewers.

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