Poker After Dark opened the 2018 calendar live on PokerGO with “Femme Fatale” week. Seven of poker’s best female players from yesteryear and today battled in a $100/$200 cash game with a $20,000 minimum buy-in.

All seven of the players in the game are well regarded in their own right and Kristen Bicknell is the leader of the modern group. Bicknell sat next to living legend Kathy Liebert for tonight’s action and the two traded stories about poker and life, among other topics.

By far the most aggressive player at the table, Bicknell was active early and often. Bicknell’s betting ways paid off when she tangled with JJ Liu with both players having premium pocket pairs. The aces of Bicknell put Liu in a tough spot and she was only two cards away from claiming the large pot.

Bicknell wound up in a large hole to start the game but managed to climb back out of it to nearly break even on the $100,000 she bought in for.

Tracy Nguyen was the wildcard coming into tonight’s episode and the unpredictability worked out in her favor. Nguyen booked the biggest win of the night to the tune of over $60,000. She didn’t say much at the table and Nguyen’s quiet demeanor lightened up a few times as she smiled at the atmosphere surrounding her.

Other players who made waves in the game were Poker After Dark first timers Sofia Lövgren and Kitty Kuo. Both players were unafraid to get their chips in and battle. Lövgren and Liebert got into a raising war on multiple occasions and will resume their budding rivalry Thursday night.

Melanie Weisner also joined in the action to make her first Poker After Dark appearance since Season 7. The wait was worth it for Weisner but she will have to wait until tomorrow to book a winning session.

“Femme Fatale” week concludes tomorrow night with another $100/$200 session with the same lineup expected to reconvene. Stay up to date on all things Poker After Dark via the PokerGO Twitter page. Thursday night’s game starts at 6:00 pm ET and Wednesday’s action is available on demand via PokerGO by subscribing today.

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