This week on Throwback Hands, enemies become friends as Sean Sheikhan comes to the rescue of Mike Matusow during a dire moment. This Poker After Dark moment is a touching one as Matusow takes a bad beat and Sheikhan comes to the rescue.

The newest clip available in THE VAULT on PokerGO features Matusow battling against former Full Tilt Poker teammate Allen Cunningham. A short-stacked Matusow gets it in with the best of it against Cunningham but runs into a spicy predicament.

Watch Matusow almost blow his cool and make Sheikhan become the peacekeeper. The two players do not appear to be fond of each other. That tune changes when Matusow takes a bad beat to bust. Rather than rub it in Matusow’s face, Sheikhan says about the elimination, “I’ll get him for you, don’t worry.”

This type of action is unheard of between the pair and certainly the first ever time on PokerGO where they’ve shared a moment like this.

Matusow gives a legendary bustout interview and Sheikhan’s mouth never stops running in what is a forgotten gem from the Poker After Dark archives.

Check out this hand and more on PokerGO. Stay tuned to Poker Central and PokerGO for all updates on the latest Poker After Dark lineups and “Femme Fatale” week.

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