The holidays are near and it was “Christmas in Vegas” for Garrett Adelstein who crushed the competition in the first episode of “Leave it to Seiver” week on Poker After Dark. The ‘G-Man’ was involved from the start and never took his foot off the pedal on his way to a massive win. 


The episode’s namesake, Scott Seiver, battled with some of the game’s best including Matt Berkey and Ben Lamb as the game streamed for the world to see on PokerGO. All players started the $200/$400 game with at least $100,000 in front of them and in the first orbit of the night, Berkey and Lamb tangled.


Usually, there’s a feeling out period on Poker After Dark but given the preexisting dynamic between the two players, they were not afraid to go to war right from the start.

By the time the dust settled, Adelstein was the big winner of the night and left the table with over $700,000.

Tomorrow is a new night on Poker After Dark and there may be a new player ready to take the crown from Adelstein when the second edition of “Leave it to Seiver” weeks kicks off at 6 PM ET. The same lineup is scheduled to appear but be sure to stay tuned to PokerCentral.com for any updates.

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