If you missed any of Garrett Adelstein’s Poker After Dark debut from “Leave it to Seiver” week, you could not afford to miss him this time around. Adelstein exploded on the PokerGO live stream and left a highlight reel worthy of every accolade you throw at him as “Dead Money” week kicked off in style. The $200/$400 game started with a minimum buy-in of $50,000 and players added on throughout the night.

Matt Berkey represented the episode’s namesake as the Super High Roller Bowl final tablist’s documentary about his poker journey was nominated for an American Poker Award. If you haven’t already, check out “Dead Money” on PokerGO and relive Berkey’s run.

Jean-Robert Bellande sat at the center of the table and did Jean-Robert things on his way to booking a win of over $200,000. The night started off right for Bellande when he matched up against Berkey in the first six-figure pot of the session. A river test sat in front of Berkey and to pass or fail would determine how his and Bellande’s night would go.

Bellande and Berkey took a backseat to the Adelstein show after that point. Newcomer Stanley Choi trod water for the early part of the show but plunged into the deep end in the largest pot of the night. What started out as an encounter with Berkey soon took a turn for the worst. Try to avert your eyes as Choi is all but helpless to stop the G-Man Express.

The hand against Choi started Adelstein’s run to a stack of over $600,000. Little went wrong for Adelstein and he booked a massive win of $355,000. Somehow, Adelstein was up even more during the game.

Bellande took over the winning duties from Adelstein in the latter part of the show. With a sandwich in front of him, Bellande chose stacking over snacking as he won an unconventional pot against Berkey to give him some late-night momentum.

Familiar Poker After Dark favorites Bob Bright and Dr. Sean Dempsey sat in the middle of all the action and observed the madness unfold around them. They will be back tomorrow along with the rest of the lineup as well as James Bord. You might remember the WSOP Europe Main Event Champion from “Reality Check” week, which is available on-demand on PokerGO.

Join the action tomorrow at 6:00 pm ET on PokerGO as “Dead Money” starts the weekend in style.

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