Tell a friend, tell a neighbor, “Throwback Hands” returns to PokerGO with a new matchup available inside THE VAULT.

The two combatants this time around on Poker After Dark are Howard Lederer and Gabe Kaplan. The mischevious Kaplan finds himself in a weird spot with a fun hand, but facing a big raise from Lederer.

Only a $20,000 Sit-n-Go could bring these two hands out of the woodwork with the board assisting both players.

Kaplan has a decision to make which leads to an exciting river card. Lederer pushes it in, forcing Kaplan to think it over. The end result leaves Lederer scratching his head and Kaplan with a smile.

The two pros have a history with each other from past Poker After Dark showdowns and playing careers dating back to the 1980s. All of that comes into play for this hand.

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Poker After Dark is streaming live tonight at 6:00 pm ET with Matt Berkey in the captain’s chair for “Dead Money” week.

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