Seeing some of the world’s biggest DJs and artists at one of Las Vegas’ best nightclubs should cost you an arm and a leg, right? That isn’t the case at Hakkasan though, as MGM’s world-class nightclub gives you a chance to freeroll your way to an epic night.

Every night, no matter the performer, Hakkasan offers a VIP experience for the relatively cheap price of $100. For a Benjamin, partygoers get Dedicated Entry into Hakkasan, free admission and a VIP Bar Card preloaded with $100. Let’s just double check the math there, you are paying $100 to get into the club and then you don’t have to wait in any lines and they’re going to give you $100 to spend at the bar.

Without turning this into a math or economics lesson, if you don’t go the VIP Bar Card route, male general admission costs $30 and female entry costs $25. Doors open at 10:30 PM and we’ll assume that you are there for the long haul. That’s five hours, give or take, and if we run the numbers on one and a half drinks an hour, probably on the low end of the spectrum, you are paying well over $100 by night’s end.

Add in that seeing some of Hakkasan’s best performers, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Hardwell, Zedd and Kaskade, just to name a few, usually cost you well over $100 at various concerts or festivals around the world. Along with the fact that Hakkasan is one of Las Vegas’ most popular nightlife destinations and the VIP experience is the clear value play.

For once, the house doesn’t get to win. You do at Hakkasan.

More information on Hakkasan Las Vegas can be found on their website and a complete schedule of upcoming events can be found here