The World Series of Poker wrapping up might’ve created the slightest of breathers for poker fans and players all around the world but things clearly never truly die down in the Twitter streets. With the Triton Million kicking off on Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. ET for free on PokerGO, it’s time to check-in with all that’s good on social media.

Travel Advice for Dan Smith

Dan Smith is a well-traveled man but he’s clearly always looking to make his trips as memorable as possible. If you’re looking for some good London travel advice, make sure to check out the replies to Dan’s Tweet!

Ingram’s Losing Session and Troll Impersonation

Joey Ingram loves stirring stuff up on Twitter and he did so once again with some good ones this week! Firstly, Ingram once again had some compelling insights on what a losing session does to his morale. Secondary, he got a good laugh out of me with his impersonation of the Twitter trolls what will be bringing out the pitchforks during the Triton Million event.

Ali Nejad Travels in Style

Commentator extraordinaire, lover of all that’s high quality and swagged out, it’s no surprise that Ali Nejad was caught flying in the fanciest possible way to the Triton Million. Let’s see if all that rest and comfort will translate into an epic broadcast on PokerGO the coming days!

Schulman’s London Search

Nick Schulman is once again Ali Nejad’s partner in crime and he’s looking to relax and unwind before the action gets underway in London!

In Other News: Kitty Kuo & Barstool Nate

There’s never a dull moment when Kitty Kuo is involved! Kitty Kuo apparently is into dance music, Thai boxing, and pre-flop ranges these days!

And Nate sums most people’s summers at the poker table up in this very fitting GIF.

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