Colombia’s finest, Farid Jattin, put on a clinic today at the Event #4 $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha final table, taking care of business by knocking out all four of his opponents in under 90 minutes. Jattin collected $290,00 for his efforts and with that, he puts himself within striking distance of the Championship lead.

The Championship lead changed today at the hands of Andras Nemeth who recorded his third cash, finish fourth, to bring his points total to 480, 30 more than Canadian Mike Watson. Nemeth, however, was no match for the unstoppable freight train that was Jattin who’s been running hot in Australia.

“I came from Melbourne with a nice win and today I came in with a big chip lead and I’m lucky that things worked out again.”

“Today was a special situation because all their stacks were very even and I could apply a lot of pressure on them. This favored me a lot, but there’s a lot of luck in PLO, but it felt like I played flawlessly and I’m happy with my performance.”

Aside from winning big money and competing against the best players in the world, Jattin also represents a country, Colombia, that doesn’t have a strong history of high-level poker players, putting him in a unique position.

“I’m very proud to be Colombian, as there are not that many Colombian poker players out there. I want to represent Colombia properly and I feel like that’s always something I wanted, puting the flag up in the sky is amazing to me.”

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Australian Poker Open Event #4 Results
Name Country Prize (AUD) Points
1 Farid Jattin Colombia $290,000 300
2 Joni Jouhkimainen Finland $188,500 210
3 George Wolff United States $116,000 150
4 Andras Nemeth Hungary $72,500 120
5 Alex Foxen United States $58,000 90

The first elimination of the night took place in a three-way all in that saw George Wolff triple up with aces. Farid Jattin had both Wolff and Alex Foxen covered during this hand, holding kings, and the current No.1 tournament player in the world hit the rail as his ace-jack-nine-deuce with the suited ace did not improve.

With this elimination, Andras Nemeth had taken the Championship lead but unfortunately for him his lead will be small as he busted in fourth place. The Hungarian pro ended up all in holding ace-ace-six-six and Jattin looked him up with ace-jack-eight-six double suited.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Nemeth said before the dealer fanned out two spades on the flop to give Jattina flush draw. The turn brought the seven of spades, giving Jattin a flush, and the river did not help Nemeth.

As the eliminations followed each other up in quick succession, Wolff was next to go a few minutes later. Wolff busted in third when his ten-ten-eight-six was no match for Jattin’s king-nine-six-deuce which flopped a pair of kings right away.

Farid Jattin
Farid Jattin knocks out Joni Jouhkimainen to take the Australian Poker Open Event #4 title.

Heads-up action was done quickly as well with Jattin sitting on four million chips versus Joni Jouhkimainen’s 350,000. Jattin’s winning hand was king-jack-six-three versus Jouhkimainen’s jack-seven-six-five as the Colombian pro made a winning two pair hand on the river to send the Fin to the rail.

Transitioning from playing predominantly cash games into bigger size tournaments, Jattin is happy with how he’s adjusted and his confidence is continuously growing with each big result.

“When you get a couple of wins it gives you confidence and I feel like people play against differently. Things are great, I can’t complain. It would be very special for me to win the Australian Poker Open because these are some of the best players in the world, there’s still a long way to go so we’ll see what happens.”

2020 Australian Poker Open Championship Standings
Name Country Payout Points
1 Andras Nemeth Hungary $254,100 480
2 Mike Watson Canada $241,500 450
3 Joni Jouhkimainen Finland $231,500 330
4 Timothy Adams Canada $416,500 300
5 Farid Jattin Colombia $290,000 300
6 Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom $269,500 210
7 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey $157,000 210
8 Michael O’Grady Australia $118,000 210
9 Najeem Ajez Australia $93,600 210
10 Andy Lee Australia $183,750 150

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Alex Foxen, Joni Jouhkimainen, Andras Nemeth, George Wolff, Farid Jattin