Poker Central brings you a plethora of very serious poker content on a daily basis, ranging from your Contender Countdown for the U.S. Poker Open to the exciting lineup announcements for Poker After Dark and Dolly’s Game. Five of a Kind, however, is not too be taken too seriously, as we take a light-hearted look at all that’s been good, bad, funny, and weird on #PokerTwitter!

Andrew’s Alien Encounter

High stakes pro, yoga enthusiast and apparent extraterrestrial explorer Andrew ‘LuckyChewy’ Lichtenberger had the following encounter to share. What more is there to add then, “We want to hear more!”

The #GordoStash

His mustache was heavily featured on Dolly’s Game this week and it’s worthy of more praise as Mike Gorodinsky rocked the 70s stache with lots of pride. In addition to the mustache banter, Gorodinsky clashed with his friend and rival Doyle Brunson, and we caught up with him to talk about this ongoing Twitter feud.

Vegan For a Year

Wait, what? Jamie Kerstetter just agreed to be vegan for a year for $10,000, or $27 per day, and if she fails she’ll volunteer for 100 hours! I’m having a hard time seeing the value in this bet, as a dramatic lifestyle change of this nature is not something to take lightly! I wish Jamie all the best from the comfort of remote location where they serve organic free range grass fed steak with fries fried in duck fat. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t see myself ever committing to this.

Hungover Kitty

Poker’s favorite high stakes Twitter darling had a rough week! She booked an Airbnb in Auckland, New Zealand without air conditioning and the early-morning spin classes weren’t kind on her either especially after a night of drinking. If only men were nicer, taking her working routine into consideration!

Liv’s Hair Tricks

Liv Boeree brings science to beating the winter by tying up her hair in her face. You gotta see this one for yourself because I’m pretty sure it’s something you’ve never come across before. Liv, please do this in a poker tournament to see how the poker etiquette people would lose their mind!

Bob Bites Back

In-between trading half the Dallas Mavericks roster, Haralabos Voulgaris had time to chime into Daniel Negreanu’s ongoing Twitter quests. Bob suggested Daniel might be better off toning it down a bit, but what fun would that be? Either way, it’s great having Bob keep an eye on the poker world while making great strides in his new role as wizard for the Mavs.

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