Every player who takes a bad beat thinks they are owed their fair retribution. The opponent who caught up to them is at fault, not the deck. It’s only natural, of course.

The latest edition of “Throwback Hands” in THE VAULT on PokerGO puts this conundrum to the test. In an all-in battle, Evelyn Ng has pocket kings and a good chance to double up. Ng is due to close out the hand but the deck thinks differently. Gowen admits she owes Ng one but the fate of the hand is out of her control.

All Ng has to do against Clonie Gowen to double up is fade three outs. Easier said than done as Gowen is on a hot streak in this episode of Poker After Dark. Gowen nipped Ng earlier in a large pot and maybe justice is finally circling around. The direction of the hand changes on every street and comes to an exciting conclusion.

Even Jen Harman, who has seen and done it all in poker, can’t believe her eyes.

This hand is the last “Throwback” from Season 1 of Poker After Dark with more from Season 2 on the way starting next week.

Find out what happens in this hand and more on PokerGO. More exciting content is on its way to PokerGO in the coming weeks including the premiere of the U.S. Poker Open on February 1.

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