Antonio Esfandiari and Bill Perkins join Brent and Remko on the Poker Central Podcast to talk about High Stakes Poker, Die With Zero, and did Stu Ungar cheat to win the 1997 WSOP Main Event?

  • 00:40 – Today on the show, breaking down all topics.
  • 01:50 – Is Brent Hanks okay? Has the Corona Virus entered the Hanks household?
  • 04:30 – Watch a full hand of High Stakes Poker Season 1 featuring Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu laying it all on the line!
  • 11:26 – Antonio Esfandiari breaks down the big pot from Season 1 of High Stakes Poker vs Daniel Negreanu.
  • 13:28 – Was $100,000 a big loss for Antonio Esfandiari on High Stakes Poker, and will The Magician return on Season 8?
  • 15:35 – We speculate on what the future of High Stakes Poker will look like!
  • 19:30 – Antonio Esfandiari tells the story of “stealing” the watch of his boss and getting his start in magic!
  • 23:40 – Bill Perkins joins the show! Will he Die With Zero?
  • 27:50 – A Bill Perkins Thirst Lounge Update, is it still in progress?
  • 29:40 – Putting Brent Hanks on the spot! YES OR NO! This segment is highly controversial.
  • 31:30 – Brent Hanks screwed up during his poker career, he explains.
  • 32:50 – Did Stu Ungar cheat to win the 1997 World Series of Poker Main Event?
  • 36:30 – Will the Corona Virus bring the 2020 World Series of Poker to a halt?
  • 41:00 – The Poker Player Death Pool!
  • 45:15 – SNAP CALL! A game of Word Association with Brent Hanks.
  • 47:15 – Breaking down the upcoming high stakes action on PokerGO including Super High Roller Bowl Russia.

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Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Bill Perkins