Daniel Negreanu will offer the fans a chance to buy a piece of his 2019 World Series of Poker action, he announced on his YouTube channel earlier today. For the very first time, Negreanu will sell action in three different tiers with pieces starting as low as $5. And guess what? The two-time WSOP Player of the Year is not charging any mark-up.

Watch Negreanu’s full vlog in the video player above. Here are the three packages that he’s offering this summer.

The Low Roller Package

The low-roller package will include all tournaments cheaper than $1,500 and Negreanu will be selling a total of 10% of his total action at a maximum of $100 per person. The smallest piece you can buy for this package is $5.

The Mid Stakes Package

The mid-stakes package will include all buy-ins from $1,500 up to $10,000. Negreanu is putting up 25% of his action to these events at a maximum spend per person of $500 and a minimum that’s to be determined.

The High Stakes Package

All buy-ins $10,000 or more are included in the High Roller package. Negreanu is selling 50% of this package with a maximum purchase of 50% and a minimum spend that’s to be determined but might be as low as $5!

Check out the video to watch the full details on Daniel Negreanu’s 2019 World Series of Poker.

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