Poker After Dark has a habit of putting unique characters together for a show but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go back to basics. New to THE VAULT on PokerGO is “Magnificent Six” with a sextet of poker superstars battling in a $20,000 Sit-n-Go.

There is no official “all star” game of poker but this lineup is as close to an ultimate starting five with a supreme sixth man coming off the bench as it gets.

Leading the team up the court is point guard Daniel Negreanu. A leader in both talk and play, Negreanu is a true facilitator in all sense of the word.

If we’re going to look at this lineup from the perspective of the modern NBA, the two Phils, Hellmuth and Ivey, are like any great leading scorer with a three-point touch. Both are capable of catching heat at anytime and putting the team on their back on the way to victory. And once the ball is in their hands, it isn’t coming out anytime soon, especially from Hellmuth.

The two role players for this squad are Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson. Lederer is more of the burly rebounding type, in the game to set screens and play good defense.

As the new World Series of Poker Player of the Year, Ferguson is capable of coming through in the clutch and making a game-winner when the situation calls for it. After all, Ferguson did win the sixth bracelet of his career to effectively seal his POY win.

No team is complete without Doyle Brunson. The legend is well known of Brunson’s professional basketball prospects and the poker world might not be the same had Brunson remained healthy. Instead, we have been treated to years of Brunson running check-raises instead of pick-and-rolls.

In total, 48 WSOP bracelets are represented at the powerhouse table. With three players in Brunson, Hellmuth, and Ivey all holding 10 or more, it is difficult to imagine a more loaded lineup in Poker After Dark history. Between Brunson, Hellmuth and Ferguson, four WSOP Main Event titles are on display as well.

The point of all-star games is for the top talent to show off their skills and the Poker After Dark format allows for the group to put the full extent of their respective games on display.

Start your weekend off in THE VAULT and watch perhaps the best lineup ever assembled on Poker After Dark match wills and attempt to add another tally to the their resume.

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