The World Series of Poker Main Event is a mixed bag of participants. There are the veteran pros, looking to turn their $10,000 entry fee into some serious end of summer value. There are amateurs and recreational players, looking to live out a dream of playing in the Main Event, while also trying to record their first Main Event cashes to satisfy another bucket list item. Then, there is whatever Danielle Andersen experienced at her opening Day 4 table.

When cards got in the air a few hours ago, Andersen and the rest of her table were present for the restart but Mickey Craft, who was the table’s chip leader, was nowhere to be found. An hour into the day, Craft did arrive and that’s when the fun started.

“That was the craziest, most entertaining hour of poker I’ve ever played.” Andersen said on the most recent break. “He didn’t show up for the first hour, showed up, declared to the table that he had slept for 45 minutes and had drank a lot of tequila and then proceeded to play as though that was the case for the next hour.”

Andersen tweeted some of the interesting hands Craft played after showing up late to the table, with the second massive hand he played vaulting him over the 2 million chip mark.

“Some poor kid to his left that had like 1.4 million chips and they got in a pot where Mickey called the flop nothing. He check raised the turn with a naked gut-shot and hit his gut-shot on the river.” Andersen said, before adding with a laugh, “He then proceeded to fold 0% of hands for the next hour.”

Andersen wasn’t able to get any of Craft’s chips for herself and even though she wasn’t able to get a piece of the chip leader, she knows good television when she sees it.

“They should get Mickey on the feature table ASAP. That was so entertaining and he is just hilarious.” Andersen said, before laughing, “The guy is mid-tank in a million-chip pot and Mickey is screaming for tequila!”

The last we checked, there is drink service for the PokerGO and ESPN feature tables and while Craft may not be slated to join the live broadcast today, if he continues to chip up and lead the Main Event, he will likely hit prime time over the next few days.