After two massive days of straddle-filled $300/$600 No Limit Hold’em cash games, Poker After Dark returned to PokerGO with the “Perks of the Trade” finale. The third session of the week was a little smaller, thanks to a five-handed table, but the action played just as big, with a handful of sizable pots developing over the course of the night.

Bill Perkins was involved in a few of those pots, but Chinese businessman Aaron Zang stole the show early. Zang’s first meaningful battle came against Daniel “Jungleman” Cates, with the hand starting with each holding suited variants of king-jack and ending with Zang making a massive over-bet on the river.

Cates was in the tank for a few minutes and while he tried to work his way through the hand, Perkins worked his way through Zang’s chip purse. After making his river bet, Zang pulled it out and said he was, “Ready to reload.”

For how much? That remains to be seen, but after going through the purse, Perkins found that $800,000 was available had Zang lost his initial buy-in.

The rest of the session was dominated by the businessmen, a group that now includes three-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk. Polk, Perkins, and Zang carried conversations and brought the “7-2” game into play.

On the first hand of the “7-2” game, Polk negotiated a higher price from each player and then turned up with the worst hand in poker to pick up a few $5,000 bounties. In the end, those bounties couldn’t help the newest high stakes businessman turn a profit and drew an apology from the Upswing Poker talisman via Twitter.

While Polk only played during on night of “Perks of the Trade” week, Perkins was featured in all three episodes, which are now available on-demand on PokerGO. Past episodes of Poker After Dark are also available in the event replays tab.