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Everyone knows Joe Ingram as an award-winning podcaster and the poker world’s premier Pot Limit Omaha authority, but Papi looks like he is trending towards a new claim to fame. The podcaster, author, personality, and host is now looking like poker’s Prop Bet King, after making a few hefty prop bets over the last week.

The first, which is flying relatively under the radar, involves Ingram needing to get either Shaquille O’Neal, OJ Simpson, or Ke$ha on his Poker Life Podcast within the next 12 months. The second, which has caught the attention of nearly everyone in the poker world, involves Ingram learning Mandarin and doing a 30-minute fluent podcast within the same 12-month time frame.


There were a few people that immediately thought this was a losing endeavor for Ingram, but Ingram says he will go to great lengths to win this one. How great of lengths, you ask? How about moving to a 300-square foot apartment in the heart of China and forgetting English if he has to.

If that is the only way to win this prop bet, I wouldn’t take Ingram’s side, but then again, this is the same person that learned how to swim and wrote a 40,000-word book in 11 days to win past prop bets.

Win, lose, or draw, Prop Bet Papi has been living up to his name and while updates on these exact bets may not come daily, Joe Ingram is available daily on PokerGO, as the host of the prop bet-centric show Major Wager.