Mike Gorodinsky is one of the featured players on Dolly’s Game, as a four-game mix is spread inside the PokerGO Studio with $1,000/$2,000 limits, and the former winner of the $50,000 Poker Players Championship loves tangling with his favorite foe: Doyle Brunson.

On the first night of Dolly’s Game, Gorodinsky was the biggest winner, banking roughly $50,000 in part due to this hand he won versus Anthony Alberto.

While being both competitive and filled with a great sense for banter, Gorodinsky is also filled with praise for Brunson, who’s still playing at an elite level despite his age.

“In the games that Doyle is really good at, and that he’s played his entire life, he does things differently than everyone. It’s great playing with him, he’s a legend and he’s still super sharp at 85 and yeah I hope to be able to do the same thing when I’m his age.”

Gorodinsky might come back into town for another two nights of Dolly’s Game later this Spring, but until then he’ll be hanging out in Colorado to get ready for the World Series of Poker. Watch Gorodinsky on PokerGO right now in Dolly’s Game. 

Mike Gorodinsky, Doyle Brunson