Poker After Dark returned for another episode of “Open House” week with an entirely new set of players from last night’s game. The stakes remained at $100/$200 and all eight seats were flipped around. Out goes Daniel Negreanu and in comes Antonio Esfandiari.

Bill Perkins showed up over an hour into the game and booked a massive win in his return to Poker After Dark.

Poker and banter filled the PokerGO airwaves with the likes of Mike Matusow and Phil Hellmuth filling the table. Before cards were put in the air, Hellmuth made sure to let viewers know who he was supporting in the NBA playoffs and gave a brief monologue with Ali Nejad standing nearby.

Newcomer Don Nguyen joined Perkins with the tardy entrance and the two players clashed right away. Perkins made the most of his first hour of play as he ran his $40,000 stack to over six figures with Nguyen serving as the place of withdrawal.

Perkins brought a look befitting the first day of school and rode his swag factor to a total win of over $75,000. Other players to book a win included Hellmuth and Nguyen.

Hellmuth earned himself $10,000 more than his final total of $61,600. Esfandiari leveraged Hellmuth being stuck early and bet ‘The Poker Brat’ 5-1 he would not get back to the black. Hellmuth proved Esfandiari wrong and raked in the extra cash.

Nguyen took a giant pot from Esfandiari to close the session and unbury himself from the hole Perkins put him in. Esfandiari is never afraid to gamble but Nguyen had his number this time around.

In the spirit of Super High Roller Bowl, 2018 participants Dan Shak and Tom Marchese joined the game along with Esfandiari and Perkins. 2016 final tablist Matt Berkey sat in as well.

More high stakes action comes to PokerGO when Super High Roller Bowl kicks off on May 27 inside the brand-new PokerGO Studio.

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