Bill Perkins loves to play on Poker After Dark and the game showed him some love back tonight on the first episode of “The Prestige.” Centering around Antonio Esfandiari, there was a lot of mystery surrounding the new faces at the table and the dynamic they would bring to the $50/$100 cash game. As the live stream played out on PokerGO, viewers got a chance to know the players early on, especially philanthropist Darol Rodrock.

The eight-handed table made for a unique atmosphere and created action in nearly every pot as all players started with at least $20,000.

Next to Esfandiari on tonight’s marquee and in the game was Perkins and the Texan filled up the stat sheet in all ways imaginable. The first major hand of the night broke out between the neighbors and Perkins got the better of his friend in a pot weighing in at over $200,000.

Perkins continued the momentum from that hand and finished his session in the black by over $200,000.

Come for the poker, stay for the new and outrageous card protector from Perkins. We promise it must be seen to be believed.

The players making their Poker After Dark debut more than held their own. Joining Rodrock on that front were Bob Nouri, Devon Watt, Robert Sanchez, and former NBA star Bob Sura.

Watt proved he was not going to be intimidated by the PokerGO stage and played a trick on ‘The Magician’ where he set a trap with pocket aces.

Although he was on the losing end of those two big pots, Esfandiari did an impressive job of climbing out his hole to finish the night nearly unstuck.

Sura is familiar with high stakes cash games and utilized his point guard prowess to see all angles of the felt to book a win.

Hollywood was represented at the table by fan-favorite Randall Emmett. “Holidays with Hellmuth” is the last time we saw Emmett and he made up for the time off in this game. Pocket kings are lethal in general and Emmett found a way to get maximum value with a hand fit for the highlight reel.

Expect the majority of players from Tuesday’s game to return on Wednesday for another night of high stakes action. Catch up on anything you might have missed on PokerGO and follow PokerGO on Twitter for all Poker After Dark updates. If you need help finding tomorrow night’s stream that starts at 6:00 pm, Perkins is here to assist.

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