Perhaps the biggest decision most Americans face on Super Bowl Sunday is whether to host a viewing party or attend.  The lazy poker player in all of us might be tempted to throw out a bowl of pretzels, buy two 12 packs and kick back, but Tom Marchese shares some thoughts on how to host a memorable party.

“Over the years I’ve thrown a lot of Super Bowl parties,” Marchese said. “For some it’s a must watch event, for others it’s an excuse to have a social gathering with friends.”

Super Bowl parties are likely to be a diverse group with significant others and friends of friends invited over, which can lead to a lot of different food preferences. “I’d recommend a variety of finger foods and snacks,” Marchese said. “Things that are easy to eat and you aren’t too worried about people making a mess – chips, dips, wings and your usual appetizers fit the bill.”

Space is an important factor – don’t invite a dozen guests if you have seating for six. “No one wants to be crammed into a small room with no seating and a bad view of the game,” Marchese said.

Running a squares chart is the perfect way to involve guests that are just there for the social aspect to gamble without having to know anything about the game. “Every Super Bowl party needs one,” Marchese said. “A 10×10 chart that predicts the last digit of the score at the end of each quarter. In a 34-10 blowout with five minutes left in the game it’s still a great sweat for the person that has 4/7 square.”

“I always like drafting with someone for who will win MVP,” he added. “It’s a long game sweat where you can usually end up with the players you like on your side.”

More the more advanced gamblers it helps to do a little research. “If you want to have some fun go the casino or online books and take a look at their prop betting sheets,” Marchese said. “Will Russell Westbrook score more points than the Patriots on Sunday? I’m not sure, but you can bet on it.”