Benjamin Juhasz started the final table of Event #7: $10,100 Pot-Limit Omaha with only a 180,000 chip lead over Joni Jouhkimainen, but the Hungarian put on a clinic and quickly built a massive chip lead, at one point holding over 75% of the chips in play four-handed, to capture the title and $206,400 first place prize. 

Juhasz started the day by doubling up Zhen Cai within the first few hands of play, but despite the early hiccup, he became a freight train as he dragged in pot after pot. 

Matthew Wantman would be the first domino to fall with his double-suited seven-six-five-four was out flopped by Juhasz's ace-queen-six-five. Juhasz flopped two pair, while Wantman flopped a flush draw and failed to improve on the turn or river as the Event #1 champion headed to the payout desk to collect $51,600 for his sixth-place finish. 

On the next hand, Juhasz picked up pocket kings with clubs against Cai's ace-ten-nine-three double-suited, and after Juhasz flopped the nut flush on an ace-high board, Cai was left shaking his head as he walked away in fifth place for $68,800. 

As level 17 came to a close, and as the remaining four players headed for a break, Juhasz held 75% of the chips in play, and it seemed the end was near. 

Joao Simao followed up his win in Event #6 with a top-four finish in Event #7 but would go no further, falling on the first hand of level 18 when Juhasz's turned flush did in his pocket kings as Simao headed to the payout desk to collect his $86,000 fourth-place prize.

With the elimination, Juhasz held 83% of the chips in play, but it was a slugfest between the two short stacks as Collopy would double his chip stack four times, and Jouhkimainen would double twice but even with the doubles, neither could pull closer than four to one in chips. 

When the dust settled, Jouhkimainen would find himself all in with middle pair against Juhasz's top and bottom pair of aces and sevens. The turn doubled Jouhkimainen's outs when he made kings-up, but the river bricked out as the Finn headed to the payout desk to collect his $107,500 third-place prize. 

Heads-up play lasted one hand as Collopy flopped an open-ended straight draw against Juhasz's top pair. The turn and river failed to improve either player, and Collopy was denied his fifth double and headed to the payout desk to collect his $141,900 for his second runner-up finish of the series. 

Event #7: $10,100 Pot-Limit Omaha Final Table Payouts

Place Name Country Prize PGT Points
1st Benjamin Juhasz Hungary $206,400 206
2nd Jim Collopy United States $141,900 142
3rd Joni Jouhkimainen Finland  $107,500 108
4th Joao Simao Brazil $86,000 86
5th Zhen Cai United States $68,800 69
6th Matthew Wantman United States $51,600 52

How the Rest of the Tournament Played Out

Event #7:$10,100 Pot-Limit Omaha of the PGT PLO Series II saw 86 hopefuls make their way into the PokerGo Studio to create a prize pool of $860,000, with the top 13 players finishing in the money. 

PGT regulars Daniel Negreanu, Dylan Weisman, Isaac Kempton, Alex Livingston, and Brain Rast all hit the rail well before PGT PLO Series I player of the series, Lautaro Guerra, hit the rail to burst the money bubble when his pocket kings were run down on the river by Simao's six-high straight. 

From there, Alex Foxen (13th), Josh Arieh (12th), Jordan Spurlin (11th), and Adam Hendrix (10th) quickly headed to the rail, as Arieh, Sputlin and Hendrix picked up their second series cash while Foxen picked up his third. 

Roussos Koliakoudakis picked up his first cash of the series for his ninth-place finish, while eight-place finisher Allan Le scored his fourth cash of the series and moved from tenth to ninth on the overall series leaderboard. 

Seventh place-finisher Florian Langman picked up his second cash of the series and moved into 29th on the overall leaderboard, but it was the final table that really shook up the standings, starting with Wantman, who moved back into the top ten with his second cash of the series. 

Juhasz, Collopy, and Simao all came into the day trailing Stephen Hubbard and his 262 points, but all three managed to vault the new day with their showings. 

Event #7 winner Juhasz now sits in third with 275 points as the win marks his third cash overall. Two-time runner-up Collopy also picked up his third cash of the series and sits in second with 287, but everyone is now looking up at Simao, who now paces the field with 313 points in four cashes with three events to go. 

PGT PLO Series II Leaderboard Top Ten

Rank Player Points Wins Cashes Winnings
1 Joao Simao 313 1 4 $313,150
2 Jim Collopy 287 0 3 $286,200
3 Benjamin Juhasz 275 1 3 $275,100
4 Stephen Hubbard 262 1 2 $261,550
5 Bryce Yockey 250 1 2 $250,575
6 Richard Gryko 246 0 3 $245,580
7 Eelis Parssinen 236 1 4 $235,880
8 Adam Hendrix 226 1 2 $198,510
9 Allan Le 205 0 4 $205,960
10 Matthew Wantman 203 1 2 $202,100

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