Updates from the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller can be found below and a complete winner’s story can be found here.

10:30pm: Daniel Alaei wins $25K Mixed Game High Roller, Daniel Negreanu takes second for second straight night
Level 16 – Limits 15,000/30,000

Last night, Pot Limit Omaha did Daniel Negreanu in heads up and the same game ended his run again tonight. Negreanu came into heads up play short stacked and then got near the 100,000 chip mark before the final hand played out. 

Action was picked up with Alaei opening the button to 24,000 and after Negreanu called, he checked the K♣109 flop. Alaei thought for a few moments and then put a nearly full stack of grey 5,000-value chips across the line, more or less signaling his intention of putting Negreanu all-in.

The short stack then officially moved all-in, for just over 50,000, and the hands were tabled, with Negreanu turning over KK♠6♣3 for top set. Alaei held A♣AJ3♣ and while he was behind on the flop, the Q♣ on the turn shot him into the lead. 

Negreanu needed the board to pair on the river but it didn’t, as the 4 completed the board and confirmed his 2nd place finish.

This is the second straight runner-up finish for Negreanu and he will earn $77,500, while Alaei takes home $125,000 for his victory. A complete winner’s story can be found here

10:10pm: Negreanu doesn’t make up ground in No Limit but does in Badugi
Level 15 – Limits 12,000/24,000

After the elimination of Michael Glick, Daniel Negreanu had a steep hill to climb if he was going to make up his heads up chip disadvantage and while he wasn’t able to do much during No Limit Hold’em, he battled back on the first hand of Badugi. 

Action was picked up pre flop, with Daniel Alaei raising the button, Negreanu putting in three bets, Alaei replying with another raise and then Negreanu making it five-to-go, or 60,000. Alaei called and after both players were pat, Negreanu bet 12,000, leaving himself close to 35,000 behind, and after close to 30 seconds of thought, Alaei folded. 

Negreanu seemed surprised at the fold but it was the correct one, as Alaei claimed to have a “jack Badugi” and Negreanu then promptly showed him a ten Badugi. Despite the victory, Negreanu is still sitting with less than a quarter of the chips in play. 

Daniel Negreanu – 190,000
Daniel Alaei – 610,000

9:45pm: Michael Glick eliminated in 3rd place ($47,500)
Level 14 – Limits 10,000/20,000

While Michael Glick navigated his way to the money, he couldn’t shake the short stack that had plagued him for the last hour or so. Eventually, he was forced to move all-in in a hand of Omaha 8 or better and ran into the pocket aces of Daniel Alaei. 

Glick raised the button and Alaie made it three bets from the big blind, which more or less put Glick all-in. Alaei tabled AA♠9♠7 and Glick needed help with A♣K10♣10♠. 

The board ran out J96♠2A and despite flopping a gut-shot straight draw, Glick couldn’t pick up any help on the turn or river and was eliminated in 3rd place. 

He’ll make $47,500 for his podium finish and we are now heads up for the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller title, with Daniel Alaei holding a sizable chip lead. 

Daniel Alaei – 630,000
Michael Glick – Eliminated in 3rd place ($47,500)
Daniel Negreanu – 170,000

9:30pm: Wilkinson bubbles after river leaves him crippled
Level 14 – Limits 10,000/20,000


The biggest pot of the tournament just played out in Limit Hold’em and it left Lamar Wilkinson crippled, while giving Daniel Alaei well over half the chips in play. 

Action was picked up with three players seeing a AA♣7 flop after three bets were put in pre. All three players checked the flop and then Wilkinson bet the 8 turn card, Alaei raised and Wilkinson re-raised to build a massive pot.

The pot only got bigger after the 5♣ fell on the river though, as a bet and another raise went in, with Wilkinson calling on the end but getting shown A5 by his opponent. Wilkinson didn’t show but it looked like he did flash an ace before mucking his hand. 

The unlucky river dropped him down below 20,000 and he was all-in and at risk on the very next hand. Daniel Alaei finished the job he started and we are now in the money, with three players remaining in the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller. 

Daniel Alaei – 530,000
Lamar Wilkinson – Eliminated in 4th place

9:10pm: Glick getting close…
Level 14 – Limits 10,000/20,000

We’ve seen the pace of play slow down considerably through the last few hands of Badugi and Stud 8 or Better but 2-7 Triple Draw has brought on some action. For Michael Glick though, that action has resulted in him being left with just a few big blinds, as he just lost a decent pot to Daniel Alaei. 

Action was picked up on the first draw, where Alaei took two and Glick, who was in position and the pre-draw aggressor, took one. Alaei check-called and then drew one, while Glick stood pat on the second draw. 

Alaei checked, Glick bet and then Alaei check-raised, putting Glick to a decision for the majority of his stack. That’s because Glick was back down under the 50,000 chip mark and after some thought, he elected to fold. 

He’s now in the danger zone with just two big blinds heading through the first few minutes of Level 14. 

Daniel Alaei – 170,000
Michael Glick – 45,000

8:45pm: Brian Rast falls in Badugi, brings on the bubble
Level 13 – Limits 8,000/16,000


Coming back from break, Brian Rast was the shortest stack at the final table by a decent margin and he only lasted a hands into Level 13. Rast opened under the gun in Badugi and then Lamar Wilkinson three-bet to 24,000 as the next player to act. 

The table folded and Rast moved in for 25,000 total, with Wilkinson making the small call to try to score the knockout. Both players drew one on all three streets and on the end, Wilkinson tabled the winner. 

Rast’s elimination brought on the bubble and a few hands later, Michael Glick took Rast’s spot as the low-man, as Negreanu won a Badugi hand that crippled Glick to just a handful of big blinds. All eyes will be on Glick over the next few orbits, as the final table continues to play Badugi. 

Lamar Wilkinson – 140,000
Daniel Negreanu – 365,000
Michael Glick – 45,000
Brian Rast – Eliminated in 5th place

8:20pm: Big stacks collide before break
Level 12 – Limits 7,000/14,000

In the very last hand of Level 12, big stacks Daniel Negreanu and Daniel Alaei collided in a No Limit Hold’em pot, one that moved Negreanu back to the top of the leaderboard. Pre flop action was missed but after the A22♠ flop, Negreanu bet 10,000 and Alaei called.

The 8♠ fell on the turn and both players checked, with Negreanu checking again after the J completed the board. Alaei bet 17,000 and after some thought, Negreanu check-raised to 45,000.

Alaei then went deep into the tank and after close to two minutes, he called, only to be shown quads. Negreanu tabled 22♣ and Alaei could only shake his head as a sizable pot and the chip lead was heading to his immediate right.  

After the hand, the players took a short break and a complete update of the counts is provided below:

1. Daniel Negreanu – 305,000
2. Daniel Alaei -250,000
3. Michael Glick – 115,000
4. Brian Rast – 30,000
5. Lamar Wilkinson – 105,000

8:10pm: Rough stretch of Razz for Glick
Level 12 – Limits 7,000/14,000

The start of the next level also brought a new game, A-5 Razz, and it also dropped Michael Glick down the leaderboard. He peaked just over a half-hour ago but a rough stretch of Razz has left with with under 100,000. 


Glick’s biggest loss came against Lamar Wilkinson, with their Razz hand picked up on sixth. Bets went in on sixth and seventh street and after Wilkinson called on the end, Glick said, “It’s 50/50.”

He was talking about weather he was able to find an eight-low but even if he did, he wasn’t going to come out victorious. Wilkinson found a better low of his own on seventh and took the pot, which moved him to 120,000. 

Wilkinson: 7A♣J♣7
Glick: 6♠8♣5♣K♠  

Glick then took a few more hits towards the end of the Razz orbit and we are now moving to No Limit Hold’em.

7:55pm: Alaei goes up, two go down
Level 11 – Limits 6,000/12,000

The pace of play is still relatively slow but it could be speeding up as we head towards the end of Level 11. Throughout the last half hour, players have trended in very different directions, with Daniel Alaei shooting to the top of the leaderboard. 

Alaei has used No Limit 2-7 Lowball to pick up the majority of his recently won chips and he is now playing over 300,000. On the other end of the spectrum, Brian Rast and Lamar Wilkinson have trended down and both are playing just a handful of big blinds. 

Daniel Alaei – 310,000
Lamar Wilkinson – 80,000
Brian Rast – 45,000

7:40pm: Negreanu gets back over average
Level 10 – Limits 5,000/10,000

 Daniel Negreanu came into the final table as the chip leader but after registration closed, he found himself below the chip average. Negreanu is now back up and over that threshold though, after picking up a decent pot in Stud High. 

Action was picked up on forth street, with Negreanu asking Lamar Wilkinson, “What are you gonna do with that ace?”

“Got to bet it.” Wilkinson said and he did, with Negreanu quickly calling to see fifth.

Wilkinson bet again but this time, Negreanu said, “Have to raise.” before putting out two bets. Wilkinson thought for a while and took inventory of his nearly 90,000 chip stack.

He then called and within a few seconds of getting his sixth card, check-folded to concede the pot to Negreanu. 

Negreanu:  62♠3♠4♣
Wilkinson: AA9♠Q♣ 

When the dust settled, their encounter turned out to be the final hand of Stud High and the game then shifted to Omaha 8 or Better. 

Daniel Negreanu: 180,000
Lamar Wilkinson – 80,000

7:30pm: Glick goes top, paces gets slow
Level 10 – Limits 5,000/10,000

After the elimination of short stack David Oppenheim, the pace of play has slowed at the final table. One reason, the average stack is now working over 15 big blinds. Another, because the remaining five players all realize that their decisions near the bubble are extremely important. 

Because of that second point, a majority of pots through NL 2-7 Lowball and Limit Hold’em were relatively uneventful. Nevertheless, Michael Glick has seen his stock increase over the last half hour and heading into Level 11, he looks like he’s pushed himself over a quarter-million and to the top of the leaderboard. 

7:05pm: Negreanu outs Oppenheim on the river
Level 10 – Limits 5,000/10,000

Just as we were collecting chip counts from everyone at the final table, David Oppenheim and Daniel Negreanu ran their short stacks into one another in a hand of Pot Limit Omaha. Oppenheim opened in early position and Negreanu raised the pot. The rest of the tabled folded and Oppenheim called all-in for just under 36,500. 

He held A♠A♣105 and was up against Negreanu’s AK♠Q♣J. Oppenheim’s pocket aces kept their lead through the J♠9♠4 flop and the 8♣ on the turn but he couldn’t fade the river. The K♣ completed the board and Negreanu spiked two pair, to take the pot and score the knockout. 

We are now five-handed at the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller final table and, as promised, here are a complete rundown of the remaining stacks.

1. Daniel Negreanu – 135,000
2. Daniel Alaei -240,000
3. Michael Glick – 130,000
4. Brian Rast – 260,000
5. Lamar Wilkinson – 110,000

7:00pm: Field frozen; ten entries, six remain and three cash
Level 10 – Limits 5,000/10,000

After a short post-Level 9 break, the numbers for today’s $25K Mixed Game High Roller have been finalized. Ten players built up a $250,000 prize pool and while there are six players still alive, only half of them will make their way into the money. 

Three players will cash, with $125,000 awaiting our eventual champion. A complete list of the payouts is provided below:

1. $125,000
2. $77,500
3. $47,500

A complete list of the chip counts will be posted shortly. 

6:15pm: Alaei busts Seiver with superior pair
Level 9 – Limits 4,000/8,000

In one of the final hands of Level 8, the short stack at the final table hit the rail. Action was missed but in a game of No Limit Hold’em, Scott Seiver got all-in with 66♠ and was up against Daniel Alaei’s QQ. The board ran out clean for the superior pocket pair and Seiver was eliminated in 7th place but with registration still open, we are unsure if Seiver or anyone else will rejoin the action. 

A few hands later, in a hand of Badugi, Alaei picked up another sizable pot and it now looks like he is the first player to crack the 200,000 chip mark. He’s now heading into the final half-hour level with the chip lead. 

Daniel Alaei – 220,000
Scott Seiver – Eliminated 

5:40pm: Down to the final table, registration still open though
Level 7 – Limits 3,000/6,000

Yesterday, we brought you some pre-final table coverage of the first-ever Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller and today, we are getting into the action even earlier. Due to a smaller field for today’s event, we are now down to the final table, as just seven players remain but that could change over the next hour. 

Late registration for these Mixed Game High Roller events is open through Level 9, which means there is still two full levels and a break for players to get into the action. Some may elect to do so because the field is relatively close to the money, as three players are currently set to record cashes in today’s High Roller.

Those exact payouts won’t be known until late registration closes but what we do know, is who has navigated their way to the final table. 

Brian Rast and last night’s silver medalist, Daniel Negreanu, and bronze medalist, Lamar Wilkinson, are back at the final table for a second straight night. There are a few new faces though, including Scott Seiver, Daniel Alaei and mixed game specialists Michael Glick and David Oppenheim. None of those players are strangers to the high stakes arena though, meaning this should be a fiercely contested final table. 

Poker Central will begin providing in-depth tournament updates when the late registration period closes but until then, here is a look at the final table seating assignments and the remaining player’s chip counts:

1. David Oppenheim – 55,000
2. Daniel Negreanu – 195,000
3. Daniel Alaei – 85,000
4. Michael Glick – 140,000
5. Brian Rast – 125,000
6. Lamar Wilkinson – 120,000
7. Scott Seiver – 65,000

As a reminder, this is a ten-game mixed event. The event will play HORSE, No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw and No Limit 2-7 Lowball. The game will change every seven hands. 

Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller updates are provided by Poker Central and Will O’Connor.

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