Updates from the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller can be found below and a complete winner’s story can be found here.

1:50am: Ben Lamb wins first-ever Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller, Daniel Negreanu finishes 2nd for $175,000
Level 20 – Limits 40,000/80,000

Ben Lamb Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

Daniel Negreanu was as low as one and a half big blinds before the money and then managed to not only recover and record a cash in the first-ever Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller, he managed to get himself heads up for the title. He entered the one-on-one battle with Ben Lamb with a slight chip disadvantage but he had the momentum, until a massive Pot Limit Omaha hand more or less decided the tournament.

Early action in the hand was missed but it was picked up on the turn of Q992, with Lamb moving in to cap the action. Negreanu called, with J9♠8♠4 and he needed to hold against Lamb’s A♠Q10♣5. He couldn’t, as the A completed the board and Lamb’s flush draw, to win him the biggest pot of the tournament.

Negreanu Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

When the dust settled, Negreanu had a little more than an ante left and while he was able to find one double, he couldn’t find another and was eliminated a few hands later. He’ll make $175,000 for his runner-up finish, enough to move himself over the $33,000,000 career earnings mark.

Lamb will earn $281,250 and a complete winner’s story can be found here.

1:35am: Alan Richardson eliminated in 3rd place ($106,260)
Level 20 – Limits 40,000/80,000

Richardson Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

A few hands after Lamar Wilkinson hit the rail in 4th place, Alan Richardson followed out in 3rd. Richardson had a sizable chip lead two hours ago but doubled a few short stacks and went ice cold to find him short three-handed.

He then got the final portion of his short stack in against Daniel Negreanu in a Stud 8 or Better hand. Both players started with low draws but Negreanu ran to seventh better and scooped with A7♠K4♠ , to Richardson’s A♣9K3♣ .

Richardson will make just over $106,000 for his podium finish and we are now heads up for the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller title, with Ben Lamb holding a slight chip lead against Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu – 890,000
Ben Lamb – 1,110,000
Alan Richardson – Eliminated in 3rd place ($106,260)

1:20am: Lamar Wilkinson eliminated in 4th place ($62,500)
Level 19 – Limits 30,000/60,000

Wilkinson Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

After losing two big pots to Daniel Negreanu, Lamar Wilkinson needed a double and needed a double fast to get himself back into contention. The first time he tried to double his stack though, Ben Lamb shut the door, in a hand of Badugi.

Wilkinson got his short stack in before the first draw, with both players taking one on the first and second draws. Wilkinson took one on the third draw and Lamb stood pat, exposing his AK7♣3♠. Wilkinson didn’t expose his cards but was beaten and bowed out in 4th place.

He’ll make $62,500 for his 4th place finish and we are now three-handed heading into Level 20.

Ben Lamb – 870,000
Lamar Wilkinson – Eliminated in 4th place ($62,500)

1:05am: Negreanu goes from not going away, to chip leader
Level 19 – Limits 30,000/60,000

Daniel Negrenu was the thorn in the final table’s side for the last half hour, doubling up to keep the bubble alive and then doubling to prevent anyone in the final four of making a pay jump. After two quick doubles, both through Lamar Wilkinson, Negreanu is suddenly the chip leader, with just over 850,000.

Both doubles were more or less standard, with the first coming with Negreanu shoving for 166,000. Wilkinson called with 66 and had to hold against Negreanu’s A♣K. He couldn’t, as the A32 flop paired Negreanu and Wilkinson couldn’t find another heart or either of the remaining sixes on the turn or river.

In the very next hand, they were at it again. Wilkinson opened the small blind to 54,000 and Negreanu three-bet to 154,000. Immediately, Wilkinson four-bet shoved and Negreanu called, for close to 360,000. He turned over QQ♣ and was up against three immediate outs, as Wilkinson held AJ♠.

The pocket pair held through the 6♠5♣489 runout and when the dust settled, Wilkinson was left extremely short, while Negreanu has shot up the leaderboard and is now the chip leader.

Daniel Negreanu – 860,000
Lamar Wilkinson – 95,000

12:50am: Ben Lamb bursts bubble, Keith Gipson eliminated in 5th place
Level 19 – Limits 30,000/60,000

Gipson Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

In one of the first hands of No Limit 2-7 Lowball, Keith Gipson moved all-in for 100,000 and Ben Lamb, who was in the big blind with close to 300,000 behind, went into the tank. Eventually, he called and when he slid two cards to the dealer, Gipson tapped the table and Lamb didn’t like that.

“Pat?!” he asked, adding in an expletive or two before the the short stack turned his cards up. Gipson held J♣108♣6♠4♣ and Lamb had to catch two cards to score the knockout.

He did, flipping over 95♣4♣32 to send Gipson to the rail and send the final four High Rollers into the money.

They’ll all now locked up a $62,000 score but all four will think they have a claim to tonight’s top payout, as $281,000 awaits our eventual Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller champion.

Ben Lamb – 445,000
Keith Gipson – Eliminated in 5th place

12:40am: Break, bubble, counts
Level 19 – Limits 30,000/60,000

We’re back from break and still on the bubble but we imagine we’ll lose our next player sooner than later, as the blinds and limits are up again and two players are extremely short. In fact, everyone is relatively short, as even the Lamar Wilkinson, who is the chip leader with just over 800,000, is just above a dozen big bets. The players below him are all under ten big bets, which means we should see some serious action throughout Level 18.

A complete update of those counts is provided below:

1. Alan Richardson – 560,000
2. Lamar Wilkinson – 810,000
3. Keith Gipson – 105,000
4. Daniel Negreanu – 180,000
5. Ben Lamb – 330,000

12:20am: Negreanu goes down, then doubles twice
Level 18 – Limits 25,000/50,000

With the limits getting absurdly high, every single pot could drastically change the way the leaderboard looks and that is exactly what just happened in a Limit Hold’em hand between Daniel Negreanu and Ben Lamb.

Action was picked up with Lamb betting 50,000 from the small blind and Negreanu raising the button to 100,000 on a 10♣7♠3♠Q♣ board. Lamb, who had just under 100,000 behind, went deep into the tank and then called, drawing a concerned look from Negreanu.

After the A completed the board, Lamb immediately announced himself “all-in”, for 47,000, and Negreanu’s concerned look turned to disgust. He talked himself through the hand and with just over one big bet left in his stack, he was effectively all-in if he called as well.

Eventually, he elected to fold and while he was left short, he then found a quick double through Lamar Wilkinson in Limit Hold’em and another against Keith Gipson in Stud High. When the dust settled, Negreanu got back to a workable handful of big bets.

All eyes will be on Negreanu and Gipson through the rest of Level 18, as they are clearly the two shortest stacks but with the limits sitting where they are, one big pot could change everything. A complete list of the remaining player’s chip counts will be posted shortly, as the players are just a few minutes from the next break.  

12:05am: Two different games, two different doubles
Level 18 – Limits 25,000/50,000

The blinds and limits went up and while it looked like the short stacks were going to be under even more pressure because of those increases, Alan Richardson has instead shipped two doubles to give Lamar Wilkinson and Keith Gipson more room to breathe.

The first hand was picked up in Badugi, with Wilkinson, Richardson and Ben Lamb heading to the first draw after each committed two bets to the pot. Lamb and Richardson took one card each from the blinds and Wilkinson drew two. Lamb bet 25,000, Richardson raised and then both Wilkinson and Lamb called.

Lamb drew one and both of his opponents tapped the table. They were pat and Lamb joked, “Only one of us can improve, I guess.”

He apparently did not, as he checked and then folded after Richardson bet and Wilkinson raised. Richardson re-raised to put his opponent all-in and after the ceremonial taps of the table, to signify that they were both still pat, Richardson announced, “Eight-perfect.”

That was no good though, as Wilkinson tabled 7653♣2. When the dust settled, Wilkinson stacked up over a half-million and that wasn’t the only hit Richardson would take in the period, as he doubled Keith Gipson up on one of the first hands of Limit Hold’em.

Gipson held 22♠ and got it in on the 1074♣ flop, with Richardson drawing to score the knockout with A♠Q♣. He picked up more outs after the J♣ fell on the turn but couldn’t get there at the end, as the 8♣ completed the board.

That means we are still on the bubble, midway through Level 18.

Lamar Wilkinson – 525,000
Keith Gipson – 120,000
Alan Richardson – 610,000

11:45pm: Quick counts on the bubble
Level 17 – Limits 20,000/40,000

There are just a few minutes remaining in Level 17, which means the blind and limits will be going up shortly but before we get to the bubble, we wanted to see where the remaining five players stood.

A complete list of the remaining counts is provided below:

1. Alan Richardson – 870,000
2. Lamar Wilkinson – 290,000
3. Keith Gipson – 210,000
4. Daniel Negreanu – 425,000
5. Ben Lamb – 180,000

A complete list of the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller payouts is also provided below:

1. $281,250
2. $175,000
3. $106,260
4. $62,500

11:40pm: Andrew Robl eliminated in 6th place, Richardson gets bigger before bubble
Level 17 – Limits 20,000/40,000

Robl Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

After losing out to Ben Lamb, Andrew Robl was left short and the rest of the final table had their eyes on him heading into the Pot Limit Omaha portion of play. A few hands into that discipline, Robl three-bet shoved for 71,000 from the button, after Alan Richardson opened the cutoff to 30,000 and the chip leader called to put Robl at risk.

Richardson held Q♣97♣7 and Robl tabled AKJ♠6♠, before moving ahead after the A♣Q3 flop. The 9♠ gave Richardson two pair on the turn and Robl couldn’t find any help on the river, as the 5♠ completed the board and sealed his fate in 6th place.

When the dust settled, Richardson was moving over the 800,000 chip mark and we are now on the immediate bubble, as four of the remaining five players will cash in today’s Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller.

Alan Richardson – 810,000
Andrew Robl – Eliminated in 6th place

11:30pm: Lamb leaves Robl short
Level 17 – Limits 20,000/40,000

Both Ben Lamb and Andrew Robl have taken some Badugi hits against chip leader Alan Richardson, who is now playing over 700,000, but Lamb and Robl just collided in a sizable pot that left the latter extremely short.

Action was picked up with Ben Lamb opening the button to 40,000 and Robl defending his big blind. Both players drew two and then checked, with each exchanging two cards on the second draw. Robl check-called and then drew one, before Lamb quickly tapped the table to show he was pat.

Robl checked on the end and Lamb bet again, leaving himself less than a full bet behind. After some thought, Robl called and after he did, he was left with less than a 100,000 in front of him, as Lamb showed 10♣53♠2, which was good to win the pot. 

Ben Lamb – 235,000
Andrew Robl – 95,000
Alan Richardson – 710,000

11:10pm: Back from break, updated counts
Level 17 – Limits 20,000/40,000

 The elimination of Ray Dehkharghani was the last substantial action of Level 16 and six plays will now return from break to continue to play towards the money. As a reminder, only four players will cash and while the rest of the field is all within touching distance, Alan Richardson has distance himself from his competition.

It will be interesting to see if Richardson uses his big stack to apply pressure or elects to wait out his sub-average opponents. Either way, there should be some serious action over the next few levels, as just four players will cash in today’s Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller.

A complete list of the remaining counts is provided below:

1. Alan Richardson – 610,000
2. Andrew Robl – 305,000
3. Lamar Wilkinson – 225,000
4. Keith Gipson – 240,000
5. Daniel Negreanu – 360,000
6. Ben Lamb – 290,000

A complete list of the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller payouts is also provided below:

1. $281,250
2. $175,000
3. $106,260
4. $62,500

10:55pm: Richardson doubles, Dehkharghani eliminated in 7th place
Level 16 – Limits 15,000/30,000

Dehkharghani Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

A-5 Razz didn’t take a half hour, thank god, and through the first few hands of No Limit Hold’em, we lost our first player since before the last break.

Action was picked up with Alan Richardson opening to 18,000 from the cutoff and after some folds, Ray Dehkharghani called in the big blind. Dehkharghani checked the Q88♠ flop and Richardson continued for 30,000, only to see his opponent raise to 80,000. Immediately, Richardson pushed his remaining stack over the line, which weighed in near 270,000.

That quick move sent Dehkharghani deep in to the tank and after a minute of thought, he called and saw the bad news. He tabled AQ♠ but was drawing slim, as Richardson held 8♣5♣. Dehkharghani had to hit on the turn and river but he couldn’t, as the 2 and 10♠ completed the board.

When the stacks were cut down, Dehkharghani was left with just over 10,000 and he was eliminated on the next hand by Keith Gipson. On the other end of the spectrum, Alan Richardson now looks like he’s going to head into the next break with a sizable chip lead, as he’s working nearly double the chip average.

Alan Richardson – 585,000
Ray Dehkharghani – Eliminated in 7th place

10:35pm: Razz? See you in a half hour…
Level 16 – Limits 15,000/30,000

The seven hands of No Limit 2-7 Lowball brought on some substantial action but the pace of play is slowing down, thanks to a game change to A-5 Razz. The second the dealer change the tile, the majority of the table seemed less than enthused, especially chip leader Ben Lamb.

“Razz, see you in a half hour guys.” Lamb joked, while saying that stepping away from the table would likely save him some chips before the end of the level.

No one is going anywhere though and over the last level and a half, the majority of the counts have all seemed to trend below the mean. Save for Alan Richardson, Ben Lamb and Daniel Negreanu, the rest of the field is all below the chip average.

A complete list of the counts is provided below:

1. Alan Richardson – 320,000
2. Andrew Robl – 255,000
3. Lamar Wilkinson – 190,000
4. Ray Dehkharghani – 265,000
5. Keith Gipson – 235,000
6. Daniel Negreanu – 315,000
7. Ben Lamb – 340,000

10:20pm: Lamb regains lead thanks to No Limit 2-7
Level 15 – Limits 12,000/24,000

After a relatively slow period of play during Omaha 8 or Better, the first hand of No Limit 2-7 Lowball brought on the first decent pot of the second half of Level 15.

With the blinds at 3,000/6,000, action was picked up with Keith Gipson opening to 15,000 from the hijack. Daniel Negreanu, who was in the cutoff, called and Ben Lamb came along from the button. The blinds folded and all three players drew one card.

Gipson checked, with Negreanu following his tap of the table, before Lamb bet 25,000. Gipson called and then Negreanu, who was a little more concerned with the NHL Playoffs on the television above, went into the tank.

He thought for a few moments and then called, only to see Lamb table 9♣86♣5♣2. Gipson quickly folded and Negreanu flashed what looked to be a 987xx. When the dust settled, Lamb was sitting with a small chip lead but all three players that were involved are well stacked.

Ben Lamb – 360,000
Daniel Negreanu – 340,000
Keith Gipson – 240,000

9:50pm: Negreanu rolling, extends chip lead
Level 15 – Limits 12,000/24,000

 The start of Level 15 has seen the rich get richer, as Daniel Negreanu just picked up a nice pot in Stud High, to move up near the half-million chip mark.

Action was picked up with Negreanu bringing it in with the 3♠ and after a few folds, Ray Dehkharghani completed to 12,000, with the Q♣. Negreanu called and a bet went in on fourth, before both players checked fifth. After he paired up on sixth, Negreanu bet and Dehkharghani quickly called but he took his time after Negreanu bet on the end. Eventually, he did call, only to see Negreanu table a full house.

Negreanu: 3♠7♠5♣5♠
Dehkharghani: Q♣9810

While he didn’t admit to anything, everyone around him, Dehkharghani included, was pretty sure Kid Poker was rolled up from the start and Negreanu’s quick smile as he stacked his chips may have confirmed that theory.

Dehkharghani is now down near 200,000, while Negreanu has extended his final table chip lead.

9:35pm: Brian Rast eliminated in 8th place
Level 14 – Limits 10,000/20,000

Brian Rast entered the final table as the short stack and very quickly, he was all-in and at risk against Lamar Wilkinson in a hand of Limit Hold’em. Action was missed but the cards were picked up on their back, with Rast holding Q7 to Wilkinson’s Q♣Q♠.

The two-time WSOP Poker Players Championship winner and Super High Roller Bowl winner couldn’t find any help or a double and after the board ran out clean, Wilkinson had scored the knockout. Rast will fall in 8th place and while he won’t make the money, it is safe to say that today was a win for Brian Rast, who was instrumental in creating this event.

The remaining players will now head on a short break, just a few eliminations from the money.

Lamar Wilkinson – 260,000
Brian Rast – Eliminated in 8th place

9:30pm: Negreanu leads first-ever Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller final table
Level 14 – Limits 10,000/20,000

Negreanu at Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

While there has been some movement and change on the leaderboard since Poker Central picked up the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller, there has been one thing that hasn’t changed over the last hour and a half. That is Daniel Negreanu at the top of the leaderboard and he is now pacing this field into the final table.

Negreanu is the only player over the 400,000 chip mark and while many other chip leaders have come and gone over the course of the day, Negreanu has seen been steady. Keith Gipson has been nearly just as steady as Kid Poker and he’s now sitting right behind the five-time bracelet winner, with 360,000.

Alan Richardson and Ray Dehkharghani are both over the chip average and on the top half of the leaderboard, with Andrew Robl and Lamar Wilkinson just under that threshold. Former chip leader Ben Lamb is right below 200,000, with Brian Rast sitting with a short stack to round out the final table.

Updates will continue until a Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller is crowned but before we get there, here are the final table seating assignments and chip counts:

1. Alan Richardson – 270,000
2. Andrew Robl – 235,000
3. Brian Rast – 75,000
4. Lamar Wilkinson – 210,000
5. Ray Dehkharghani – 265,000
6. Keith Gipson – 360,000
7. Daniel Negreanu – 425,000
8. Ben Lamb – 185,000

A complete list of the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller payouts is also provided below:

1. $281,250
2. $175,000
3. $106,260
4. $62,500

9:20pm: Two down, redrawing for the final table
Level 14 – Limits 10,000/20,000

Gorodinsky Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

With just a few minutes remaining in Level 14, two short stacks quickly hit the rail. Mike Gorodinsky, pictured above, was eliminated from Table 1 and a few minutes later, Thang Luu was bounced from Table 2. That means that we are down to the final table and those eight players will redraw for their seats shortly.

When play resumes, a complete list of the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller final table seating assignments, along with chip counts, will be posted.

9:10pm: Robl runs it up, Richardson right back to the top
Level 14 – Limits 10,000/20,000

We’re still two players away from the final table but even though we haven’t lost a player over the last half hour, there has been some serious movement on the leaderboard. Daniel Negreanu has kept himself near the top of the counts but he’s now joined on Table 1 by Andrew Robl, who is also over 300,000.

Robl was below 100,000 when we first picked up coverage of the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller but he’s now making a debut at the top of the charts at just the right time. Ben Lamb is also over the chip average, with the rest of the Table 1 lineup working short stacks.

Two players are above the average on Table 2 but each have taken very different paths to get to their current stacks. Keith Gipson has been steady in his climb, up to 330,000, but Alan Richardson has peaked and bottomed out over the last hour.

Richardson was up and over 300,000 but then found himself down to a few big bets. A huge scoop, plus a few small pots and Richardson has righted his ship just in time for the final table, as he’s now just shy of a quarter-million heading towards the midway point of Level 14.

A complete list of the remaining player’s chip counts is provided below:

Table 1

1. Ben Lamb – 230,000
2. Andrew Robl – 325,000
4. Ray Dehkarghani – 130,000
5. Daniel Negreanu – 340,000
6. Mike Gorodinsky – 60,000

Table 2

1. Alan Richardson – 240,000
2. Keith Gipson – 330,000
3. Brian Rast – 185,000
4. Thang Luu – 120,000
5. Lamar Wilkinson – 85,000

8:40pm: Down to ten, two away from final table
Level 13 – Limits 8,000/16,000

Marco Johnson Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

The action didn’t stop on Table 1 and through the rest of Level 13, two more short stacks hit the rail. Scott Seiver, who was the shortest stack when we began providing updates, and Marco Johnson, pictured above, were both bounced to leave the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller with ten players. As it stands, the field is two eliminations away from the final table and a redraw.

Poker Central will continue to provide updates from the field until then, with an update of the remaining player’s chip counts coming shortly.

8:20pm: Gorodinsky goes above average
Level 13 – Limits 8,000/16,000

In a matter of back-to-back hands, Mike Gorodinsky has moved himself near the chip average. The first, in a hand of Limit Hold’em, saw Ben Lamb open to 16,000 from late position and Gorodinsky three-bet to 24,000 from the small blind.

Lamb called and then called again after the Q9♠4♣ flop. The K♠ fell on the turn and Gorodinsky, who had just over two bets remaining in his stack, went in to the tank. Eventually, he cut out 16,000, placed it across the line and it was then Lamb’s turn to have a thought. He mulled over his decision for nearly a minute but then elected to fold, conceding the pot to his short stacked opponent.

In the very next hand, the game changed to Stud High and Gorodinsky won a sizable pot against Ray Dehkharghani. Action was picked up with Ray D bringing in with the 3♠. Gorodinsky completed to 8,000 with the 8 and Dehkharghani called. Both players checked forth and fifth street but Dehkharghani bet sixth and was called. He bet the river as well, with Gorodinsky quickly calling and tabling trips.

Dehkharghani: 3♠AA♣2♣
Gorodinsky: 878♠3

Dehkharghani showed two pair, aces and fives, and was left with close to 70,000 after the hand. Gorodinsky is heading in the opposite direction, as he’s now near 170,000.

A few minutes before those two hands played out on Table 1, Eric Wasserson was eliminated from Table 2.

8:00pm: Some upward movement, some heading in opposite direction
Level 13 – Limits 8,000/16,000

Over the last half hour, there has been some movement on the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller leaderboard.

On Table 2, Brian Rast has show himself over the 200,000 chip mark, with one of his biggest Level 12 victories coming against Alan Richardson. Lamar Wilkinson has also increased his stack well over the last level and he is now playing the better part of 170,000. The biggest loser on Table 2 over the last period, the aforementioned Richardson, who is now below 100,000.

Across Bobby’s Room, Daniel Negreanu has overtaken Ben Lamb for the Table 1 chip lead and his 360,000 chip stack is now pacing the entire field. Lamb isn’t short by any means though, as he’s still comfortably over 300,000, with the rest of their lineup working sub-ten big bet stacks.

That’s how it stands coming back from break and heading into Level 13, levels will now last 40 minutes.

7:30pm: Two tables, Ben Lamb, Daniel Negreanu leads $25K Mixed Game High Roller
Level 12 – Limits 6,000/12,000

Ben Lamb leads at Bellagio $25k Mixed Game

In a day and age where there are big buy-in poker tournaments nearly every weekend and in every corner of the globe, it is hard to have any event to be revolutionary or new. Today’s $25K Mixed Game High Roller at Bellagio is though, thanks to some hard work and creativity from Poker Central Ambassador’s Brian Rast and Daniel Negreanu.

The first ever Mixed Game High Roller drew well, bringing a total of 25 entrants and $625,000 in prize money to Bobby’s Room and while Poker Central usually picks up updates for ARIA High Roller events at the final table, we’re jumping in with two tables remaining tonight.

As it stands, there are 13 players remaining and after winning a sizable pot during a No Limit Hold’em hand during the last level against Marco Johnson, Ben Lamb, pictured above, looks like he’s pacing the current field. A high-stakes regular, Lamb is no stranger to big buy-in events and action but he is not the only player over the 300,000 chip mark.

Daniel Negreanu is right behind Lamb, with Keith Gipson currently sitting just a few big bets away from a 300,000 chip stack. The rest of the field, save for Alan Richardson and Ray Dehkarghani, look to be either at or below the chip average, with a few players sitting with just a handful of big bets. A complete list of the remaining players, their seating assignments and their chip counts is provided below:

Table 1

1. Ben Lamb – 325,000
2. Scott Seiver – 15,000
3. Andrew Robl – 65,000
4. Ray Dehkarghani – 170,000
5. Daniel Negreanu – 315,000
6. Mike Gorodinsky – 150,000
7. Marco Johnson – 115,000

Table 2

1. Alan Richardson – 210,000
2. Keith Gipson – 260,000
3. Brian Rast – 85,000
4. Eric Wasserson – 45,000
5. Thang Luu – 105,000
6. Lamar Wilkinson – 85,000

A complete list of the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Roller payouts is also provided below:

1. $281,250
2. $175,000
3. $106,260
4. $62,500

As a reminder, this is a ten-game mixed event. The event will play HORSE, No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw and No Limit 2-7 Lowball. The game will change every seven hands.

Updates for the Bellagio $25K Mixed Game High Rollers are provided by Poker Central and Will O’Connor.

Bellagio, $25k Mixed Game