If you have been following PokerGO’s coverage of the World Series of Poker Main Event, Poker Central on Twitter or listening to episodes of the Poker Central Podcast, then you already know that Barstool Sports’ Eric Nathan has been near the top of the Main Event leader board for the better part of the last two days. The man better knowns as “Barstool Nate” made his live stream debut, while “Barstool Smitty” also battles in the Main Event, earlier in this Day 2C flight and he’s still on one of the outer feature tables, as coverage moves to prime time ESPN.

So far, it has been an up and down day for “Barstool Nate” and while the last level was the first of the Main Event in which he didn’t increase his stack, he is confident heading into the final few levels of the night.

“I’m feeling good, having a good time.” Nathan said on the most recent break, adding, “I think my table image has set me up to build…hopefully they keep buying my BS and then I get paid off when I actually make a hand.”

Another thing that has set Nathan up to build throughout this Main Event run, is tons of support on social media.

“It’s been phenomenal, just so much support from everybody, besides our boss.” Nathan said. “The poker community has come on board, they just really want to see me and Smitty do well.”

The support from the poker community has been mirrored in the Barstool Sports world. Barstool has been “poker heavy” during Nate and Smitty’s Main Event runs. Nathan believes that more poker coverage could push poker back to the levels before Black Friday.

“I think it’s really rejuvenated a lot of people’s interest in poker. A lot of people really liked it during the boom and I think giving it this much exposure, people are like, ‘Oh yeah, poker is really cool, poker is really fun, I really do like playing.” Nathan said, before referencing Phil Hellmuth, who is on the ESPN feature table. “Then they see all their old favorites on TV and they want to check it out.”

Today, Barstool fans are watching PokerGO’s live coverage but, likely not for those old favorites. They’re watching to see their man continue to make a run in the WSOP Main Event and so far, so good for “Barstool Nate.”