Four hands into the final table, Artur Martirosyan picked off Event #1 runner-up Daniel Smiljkovic to take a commanding chip lead and never looked back en route to the title and $211,200 in PGT Last Chance Event #2: $10,100 No-Limit Hold'em.

Facing a shove of 745,000 into a pot of nearly three million chips and the board reading , Martirosyan went deep into the tank and used three time extensions before he called for over 75% of his stack with for top pair. 

When Smilijkovic could only table for ace high, he was out the door in seventh place for $44,000, and Martirosyan held nearly 40% of the chips in play. 

Short Stack Kristen Foxen was the next to fall at the hands of Martirosyan in sixth place for $52,800 when his ace-jack bested her king-queen as he closed in on 50% of the chips in play. 

On hand latter, Martirosyan could only watch as Vitalijs Zavorotnijs' pocket sevens turned a set to eliminate Victoria Livschitz in fifth place for $70,400. Still, the fireworks were coming once again for Martirosyan. 

With Michael Jozoff and Zavorotnijs both sitting on sub 20 big blind stacks, Martirosyan raised the small blind to 350,000, and before he could blink, Stephen Chidwick was all in for 2.5 million, which prompted a snap call from the Russian. 

Both players held an ace, but it was Martirosyan who had the better kicker with a queen, which proved the difference when both players flopped a pair of aces as Chidwick was headed to the payout desk in fourth place for $88,000 and Martirosyan held a staggering 74% of the chips in play. 

Three-handed play started with Jozoff scoring a double through the chip leader; however, a few hands later, Zavorotnijs doubled through Jozoff to bring both players near even as Martirosyan was content to let the short stacks battle while picking up the blinds and ante when the opportunity arose. 

The patience paid off as Jozoff ended up all in with queen-jack against Zavorotnijs' ace-seven. A jack on the turn left Zavorotnijs just above starting stack, and Martirosyan sent the Latvian out the door in third place for $110,000 moments later when his king-seven outkicked Zavorotnijs' king-duece. 

Heads-up play was over and done within 15 minutes as Martirosyan made quick work of Jozoff as the young American could get nothing going, walking away with $145,200 for the second-place finish, just shy of his career-best score of $161,500. 

The win vaults Martirosyan from 60th on the 2023 PGT season leaderboard to 46th, and, with a strong showing in the final four events, has positioned himself with a chance to move into the top 40 and gain a seat in the $1,000,000 freeroll. 

PGT Last Chance Event #2: $10,100 No-Limit Hold'em Payouts

Place Name Country PGT Points Payouts
1st Artur Martirosyan Russia 211 $211,200
2nd Michael Jozoff United States 145 $145,200
3rd Vitalijs Zavorotnijs Latvia 110 $110,000
4th Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom 88 $88,000
5th Victoria Livschitz United States 70 $70,400
6th Kristen Foxen Canada 53 $52,800
7th Daniel Smiljkovic Germany 44 $44,000
8th Andrew Lichtenberger United States 35 $35,200
9th Chino Rheem United States 35 $35,200
10th Ren Lin China 26 $26,400
11th Dan Shak United States 26 $26,400
12th Rodger Johnson United States 18 $17,600
13th Dylan DeStefano United States 18 $17,600

Martirosyan and Jozoff Take Control for Final Two Dream Seats

While Martirosyan may be on the outside looking in at the top 40 with the win, he now sits in one of the final two PGT dream seat spots with four events to play in the PGT Last Chance Series. 

Joining him in the driver's seat is runner-up Jozoff, who sits 35 points ahead of third-place finisher Zavorotnijs for the second seat. Both players, however, will be hoping Martirosyan continues his hot streak, as a move into the top 40 would free up another potential spot. 

Ninth-place finisher Chino Rheem moved up three spots on the overall leaderboard, and with the cash knocked out Arthur Morris from the top 40, gaining a seat into the $1,000,000 free roll in the process but still sits squarely on the bubble in 40th place. 

Andrew Lichtenberger also sits on the bubble, having moved up three spots on the leaderboard after his eighth-place finish, but is currently on the outside looking in, sitting at 42nd place, and will need to continue to produce to gain entry into the year-end event. 

PGT Last Chance Series Top 10

Rank Player Points Wins Cashes Winnings
1st Daniel Negreanu* 218 1 1 $218,400
2nd Artur Martirosyan 211 1 1 $211,200
3rd Daniel Smiljkovic* 194 0 2 $194,150
4th Michael Jozoff 145 0 1 $145,200
5th Masashi Oya* 114 0 1 $113,750
6th Vitalijs Zavorotnijs 110 0 1 $110,000
7th Justin Bonomo 91 0 1 $91,000
8th Stephen Chidwick* 88 0 1 $88,000
9th Jonathan Cohen (CA) 73 0 1 $72,800
10th Kristen Foxen 71 0 2 $71,000

* indicates a player is already in the top 40 of the overall leaderboard.

4 Events Remaining in PGT Season

Event Number Starting Date Event
129 January 4, 2024 PGT Last Chance #3: $10,100 No-Limit Hold'em
130 January 5, 2024 PGT Last Chance #4: $10,100 No-Limit Hold'em
131 January 6, 2024 PGT Last Chance #5: $10,100 No-Limit Hold'em
132 January 7, 2024 PGT Last Chance #6: $10,100 No-Limit Hold'em
  January 9-10, 2024 PGT Championship $1,000,000 Freeroll

For complete PGT schedule information, check out pgt.com/schedule.

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