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Colman Can’t Wait For Year’s Pinnacle Event
Mid-Stakes to High Rollers, Doesn’t Matter for Mandavia
“Big Three” Battling at ARIA

Updates from the ARIA $25K High Roller final table can be found below and a complete winner’s story can be found here. 

12:50am: Daniel Colman wins ARIA $25K High Roller, Adrian Mateos eliminated in 2nd place ($186,000)
Level 19 – Blinds 15,000/30,000 (ante 5,000)

After the elimination of David Peters, Adrian Mateos rode a roller coaster until he was eventually eliminated in 2nd place. Mateos started the heads up battle losing a decent pot, as Daniel Colman picked off a river bluff with 82 on a board of 8742♣7. After that hand, Mateos was left with just over a half-million but then a few hands later, he was taking another hit. 

Mateos opened to 55,000, we were still in Level 18 at this point, and Colman defended his big blind to see the J♠2♠2 flop. Colman check-called 55,000 and after the K fell on the turn, both players checked. The Q♠ completed the board and Colman led for 100,000. After some thought, Mateos called, only to be shown A♠6♠ for a rivered flush. 

The Spaniard was then left with just ten big blinds and after the blinds and antes increased, he was down to just a handful of big blinds. Eventually, he got his final 140,000 in the middle with QJ and was up against Colman’s 3♣3. Mateos doubled after the J♠844Q runout but he couldn’t find another to get himself back into contention. 

Instead, he shoved the button on the very next hand and Colman snap called with A♠Q. The chip leader needed to hold against Mateos’ K8 and while he fell behind briefly, order was restored after the J♣438♣Q runout gave Colman the best of it by the river. 

Mateos will make $186,000 for his runner-up finish, his best career ARIA score, and Colman will earn just over $342,000 for his first ARIA victory of 2017. A complete winner’s story will be posted shortly. 

12:22am: David Peters eliminated in 3rd place ($104,160)
Level 18 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (ante 5,000)

To win tournaments you have to win flips and towards the end of Level 17, David Peters couldn’t win the biggest flip of the night and he was then eliminated a few hands later in 3rd place. Action was picked up with Peters limping the small blind and after Daniel Colman raised the big to 90,000, Peters four-bet to 265,000.

Colman, who started the hand with 880,000, thought for 30 seconds before he announced himself “all-in”. Peters, who was playing close to 1,000,000, called and the two were off to the races, with Peters holding 99 to Colman’s K♣Q

Peters held through the 108♣6 flop but the K♠ fell on the turn, giving the advantage to Colman. The Q♣ completed the board, improving Colman to two pair even though he didn’t need it, and when the dust settled, Peters was left with just a handful of big blinds. Colman was rocketing up the charts, playing close to 1,900,000 and he’s now taking just over that amount into heads up play, as he dispatched of Peters just a few hands later. 

The short stack got in his final few bigs with Q5 and was flipping against Colman’s 4♣4. He picked up a flush draw on the A107 flop but couldn’t connect on the turn and river to bow out in 3rd place. Peters will make just over $104,000 and we are now heads up for the ARIA $25K High Roller title, with Daniel Colman holding just over a 2:1 chip lead over Adrian Mateos. 

Daniel Colman – 2,100,000
David Peters – Eliminated in 3rd place ($104,160)
Adrian Mateos – 1,000,000

12:03am: Peters holds to double through Colman
Level 17 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (ante 3,000)

Early in Level 17, David Peters lost a pot to Daniel Colman that moved him down near the half-million chip mark but ten minutes into the period, Peters doubled through Colman to move back up and over the 1,000,000 chip threshold. Action was picked up with Peters limping the small blind and after Colman raised to 75,000 from the big, Peters shoved for 513,000.

Colman thought for a few moments and made sure he had the correct count from the dealer before he called, tabling K♣J♠. Peters turned over A♠10 and needed his hand to hold to double. It did, as the board ran out 7♣3♠293♣ and Peters stacked up just under 1,100,000 when the dust settled. Colman on the other hand, is now back to where he was when we last updated him, playing close to 30 big blinds. 

David Peters – 1,080,000
Daniel Colman – 800,000

11:52pm: Mateos moves in on Colman
Level 16 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (ante 2,000)

Adrian Mateos, pictured above, has been at the center of the action throughout Level 16 and he just put himself at risk against Daniel Colman, shoving the river to put the former One Drop winner in a tough spot. Action was picked up on the turn, with Colman leading for 70,000 on a board of Q♣J♠4♠2♣. Mateos, who was on the button, raised to 240,000 and Colman called to see the K complete the board. 

Colman then checked and after a few moments, Mateos moved all-in, for just over 475,000. Colman cut out the necessary chips for the call and then did a quick inventory of the surplus. He had just over 370,000 additional chips and while his timer clicked over the 1:00 minute mark, Colman tried to talk himself through the hand.

“I want to call so bad.” Colman admitted, before sliding his cards into the muck. 

Mateos did the same and while there were a few moments of quiet after the hand, Colman eventually broke the silence, asking, “What did you have?!” 

Mateos only replied with a wry smile and he’s now playing the better part of 1,200,000, more or less putting himself back to where he was when the period began. Colman on the other hand is now below seven-figures for the first time in recent memory. 

Adrian Mateos – 1,210,000
Daniel Colman – 845,000

11:40pm: Perfect river for Peters to double
Level 16 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (ante 2,000)

Midway through the new period, the biggest pot of the tournament played out between David Peters and Adrian Mateos. When the dust settled, Peters and Mateos more or less had swapped stacks, as the former doubled through the later thanks to the perfect river card. 

Action was picked up on a board of 10♠77, with Mateos check-calling a bet of 29,000 from Peters. Peters was on the button and after the A♠ fell on the turn, Mateos checked for a second time. Peters bet again, this time sliding 90,000 out and Mateos quickly called to see the K complete the board. 

A third check came from the Spaniard and after close to 30 seconds of thought, Peters verbalized “230,000”. He pushed two full stacks across the line and after a few more moments, Mateos announced himself “all-in”. Peters instantly called and while Mateos quickly flashed queen-jack, he then sent his hand into the muck upon seeing Peters table K7♣. 

The river card was gin and Peters was the benefactor. He’s now playing just over 1,250,000, while Mateos is back down below the chip average.

David Peters – 1,260,000
Adrian Mateos – 700,000

11:20pm: Mateos making moves, updated three-handed counts
Level 16 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (ante 2,000)

The rest of Level 15 played out without any massive confrontations but Adrian Mateos did his part to slightly separate himself from the rest of the pack. The Spaniard picked up a few decent pots to vault himself over seven-figures and will now return from break with the chip lead. He’s just ahead of Daniel Colman, who is also over the 1,000,000 chip mark and reigning GPI Player of the Year David Peters is within touching distance. 

Even as the low man, Peters is playing over 40 big blinds. That means that this three-handed battle could be a lengthy affair and that isn’t surprising, as the pay jumps between the final three places are drastic. 

Poker Central will bring you all the action over the next few levels, until an ARIA $25K High Roller champion is crowned. A complete update of the counts is provided below:

1. Adrian Mateos – 1,130,000
2. David Peters – 850,000
3. Daniel Colman – 1,070,000

The remaining ARIA $25K High Roller payouts are also listed below for your convenience:

1. $342,240
2. $186,000
3. $104,160

10:54pm: Bryn Kenney eliminated in 4th place ($66,960)
Level 15 – Blinds 7,000/15,000 (ante 2,000)

After the elimination of Erik Seidel, the remaining four players were relatively well stacked. Bryn Kenney was at the bottom of the totem pole but was still comfortably working a 20 big blind stack, until he got involved in a pre flop confrontation with Adrian Mateos. 

Action was picked up with Kenney opening the cutoff and after a fold, Mateos, who was in the small blind, three-bet shoved. The big blind folded and Kenney snap called, for just over 300,000, tabling QQ♣. He was well ahead of Mateos’ 7♣7 but he needed help after the A8♣7 flop. 

The 5 gave him some of that much needed help on the turn, as Kenney picked up a flush draw but it didn’t come in on the river. Instead, Mateos improved to quads and Kenney’s 4th place elimination was confirmed. He’ll make just under $70,000 for his $25K High Roller effort and we are now three-handed, with an update of the counts provided below:

Adrian Mateos – 860,000
Bryn Kenney – Eliminated in 4th place ($66,960)
Daniel Colman – 1,170,000
David Peters – 910,000

10:44pm: Erik Seidel eliminated in 5th place ($44,640)
Level 14 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 2,000)

A few hands after Adrian Mateos clipped Erik Seidel, the Spaniard returned to finish the job and send Seidel to the rail in 5th place. Action was picked up with Seidel open shoving the button for 178,000 and after some thought, Mateos re-shoved from the small blind to isolate the short stack. 

Mateos had Seidel dominated, A♠7 to A♣4, and after the Q9562 runout, Seidel was confirmed as the first in the money elimination. When the dust settled, Mateos stacked up just over a half-million and Seidel headed to the cage to collect his nearly $45,000 payout. 

Adrian Mateos – 510,000
Erik Seidel – Eliminated in 5th place ($44,640)

10:36pm: Mateos and Seidel swap stacks
Level 14 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 2,000)

The last time Adrian Mateos was all-in and at risk, he was dominated by Jake Schindler and managed to survive thanks to a timely river. On this occasion, the Spanish short stack moved all-in from under the gun for 155,000 and after he was called by Erik Seidel, who was in the big blind, he needed to keep his advantage to double again. 

Mateos held A9 and was up against Seidel’s KQ. The AJJ flop kept Mateos in the lead and after the 5 and 4 completed the board, the two were more or less swapping stacks, leaving Seidel short heading towards the end of Level 14. 

Adrian Mateos – 320,000
Erik Seidel – 175,000

10:14pm: From victor to victim, Peters busts Schindler to burst $25K bubble
Level 13 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 1,000)

A few hands after David Peters almost clashed with Daniel Colman, Peters did clash with the final table short stack. Peters opened the button and Jake Schindler, who was in the big blind, three-bet shoved for close to 75,000. Peters called and he needed his Q♣8♠ to hit to score the knockout, as he was behind Schindler’s A♣6♠. 

The K♣J♠8 flop shot Peters into the lead and after the J fell on the turn, last night’s $25K High Roller champion was drawing thin heading to the river. The 9♠ was no help to the short stack and 24 hours after claiming an over $364,000 score, Schindler was tonight’s bubble victim. 

The remaining five players are all officially in the money and will now continue to play down to an eventual champion. As it stands, David Peters looks to be holding the chip lead with just over a seven-figure stack. 

David Peters – 1,090,000
Jake Schindler – Eliminated in 6th place 

10:00pm: Big stacks (almost) clash
Level 13 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 1,000)

Through the first half of Level 13, play has been relatively slow, as it seems as though a majority of the field seems to be waiting some of the shorter stacked players out. Jake Schindler is under the ten big blind mark but that didn’t stop Daniel Colman and David Peters, the two biggest stacks at the final table, from almost clashing in a sizable pot. 

Colman opened to 22,000 from middle position and Peters, who was in the big blind, called to see a 765 flop. Peters then check-called 25,000 to see the 9♣ fall on the turn but he didn’t check for a second time. Instead, Peters bet 75,000, which brought an interested look from his opponent. Colman took a few moments to think but eventually folded, opting to wait to have the big stacks actually clash.

David Peters – 910,000
Daniel Colman – 980,000

9:34pm: River saves Mateos, updated counts on break
Level 12 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (ante 1,000)

We thought we saw the last bit of Level 12 action play out between David Peters and Justin Bonomo but there was one more all-in and call before the clock officially hit 0:00. That hand was picked up with Daniel Colman opening from under the gun and after a fold, Adrian Mateos three-bet shoved for 130,000.

The table folded around to Jake Schindler, who was in the big blind, and he called, putting a majority of his stack at risk, as he was behind just over 240,000. Colman eventually folded and Schindler was in a great spot to score a knockout and send this field into the money, as he held AK to Mateos’ A♣3♣. 

Schindler always seemed to get the right runout during his $25K High Roller victory last night but he couldn’t find the correct one on this occasion, as the 6♣64♠23 board saved Mateos on the end and kept the final table six-handed. 

Mateos doubled up to just over 270,000 and after entering the final table as one of the top stacks, Jake Schindler will now enter the next period with just over 10 big blinds. A complete update of the final table chip counts is provided below:

1. Adrian Mateos – 275,000
2. David Peters – 820,000
3. Bryn Kenney – 430,000
4. Jake Schindler – 110,000
5. Daniel Colman – 1,070,000
6. Erik Seidel – 320,000

The ARIA $25K High Roller payouts are also listed below for your convenience:

1. $342,240
2. $186,000
3. $104,160
4. $66,960
5. $44,640

9:34pm: Peters flips better, Bonomo out right before bubble
Level 12 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (ante 1,000)

The rest of Level 12 played out without much meaningful action, until Justin Bonomo and David Peters got into a massive hand in the final few moments of the period. Exact sizing was missed pre flop but Bonomo looked to open the button to 17,000 and Peters three-bet to 60,000 from the small. Bonomo then four-bet shoved for close to 270,000 and Peters called with 88♠. 

It was a flip for Bonomo’s tournament life, as he held AK♠ and was well covered by Peters. Despite flopping additional outs, he was unable to find any help to double. The QJ♣5♠56♣ runout confirmed his elimination in 7th place and with just a few moments remaining before break, we are now in the immediate $25K High Roller bubble. 

David Peters – 840,000
Justin Bonomo – Eliminated in 7th place 

9:10pm: Bonomo doubles through Bryn
Level 12 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (ante 1,000)

In one of the first hands of the new period, short stack Justin Bonomo got a much needed double through Bryn Kenney, after the two collided with big aces pre flop. Action was picked up with Bonomo opening the cutoff and after a fold, Kenney three-bet to what looked to be 40,000 from the button. The blinds folded and Bonomo, who had 141,000 left behind, four-bet shoved. 

Kenney quickly called but then saw he was drawing to just three immediate outs, holding AJ♣ to the short stack’s AK. The board ran out 102♣285, clean for Bonomo and his kicker played to win him the double. 

After a flurry of action and eliminations, everyone at the ARIA $25K High Roller final table is playing at least a 20 big blind stack. That means that we should see the pace of play slow before the next break, which is 25 minutes away. 

Justin Bonomo – 295,000
Bryn Kenney – 330,000

8:54pm: Suddenly down to seven
Level 11 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

When the final table came together, we thought that we would at least make it through one full level before we saw our first elimination. We were wrong, very wrong, as two players have quickly hit the rail to suddenly drop the ARIA $25K High Roller field down to it’s final seven. 

Poker Central Ambassador Daniel Negreanu, who was part of the “Big Three” we featured earlier was eliminated just a few hands after the final table came together. David Peters took his final dozen or so big blinds, pushing Peters up near the 700,000 chip mark. A few hands later, two short stacks got all-in against Jake Schindler, with that hand’s action picked up pre flop. 

Jason Koon shoved the cutoff for just over 65,000 and Schindler, who was on the button, called. The small blind got out of the way and Erik Seidel, pictured above, who was in the big blind, then re-shoved for close to 135,000. Schindler thought for a second and then eventually called, to try to score the double knockout. 

He held 66♠, dominating Koon’s 55♠ and flipping against Seidel’s A♠Q. The board ran out Q♠10♣7A♣K and Koon was dispatched in 8th place, while Seidel was picking up a much needed double to move near the 350,000 chip mark. When the dust settled, Schindler was under the chip average, after coming into the final table with a top-three stack. 

David Peters – 720,000
Erik Seidel – 340,000
Jake Schindler – 325,000
Jason Koon – Eliminated in 8th place
Daniel Negreanu – Eliminated in 9th place

8:41pm: Daniel Colman controls massive chip lead at ARIA $25K final table
Level 11 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

Despite a similarly sized field to the opening ARIA $25K High Roller of the weekend, we’ve hit the final table two hours earlier than yesterday. Despite the early arrival, there is still likely a long night ahead of us, as this final table is stacked and relatively deep stacked, meaning we should see plenty of play over the next few hours. 

As it stands, Daniel Colman holds the chip lead, with nearly 30% of the total chips in play. There are only two other players that are over the chip average, with reigning GPI Player of the Year David Peters working close over 600,000 and last night’s $25K High Roller champion, Jake Schindler, north of a half-million. The rest of the final table are below the current average but even players near the 100,000 chip starting stack are still working close to 20 big blinds.

With a 31 player field building a $744,000 prize pool, and five players cashing in today’s event, the tactical play from those short stacks will likely be the main focus over the first few final table levels. Poker Central will provide updates from the final table and a complete list of the new seating assignments and chip counts are provided below:

1. Daniel Negreanu – 115,000
2. Adrian Mateos – 120,000
3. Justin Bonomo – 200,000
4. David Peters – 660,000
5. Bryn Kenney – 220,000
6. Jason Koon – 130,000
7. Jake Schindler – 560,000
8. Daniel Colman – 1,050,000
9. Erik Seidel – 180,000

The ARIA $25K High Roller payouts are also listed below for your convenience:

1. $342,240
2. $186,000
3. $104,160
4. $66,960
5. $44,640

ARIA High Roller updates are provided by Poker Central and Will O’Connor.